Bussmann Series 1245HC High Current SMD Fuses

Eaton’s Bussmann series 1245HC fuses are fast-acting fuses for high power, ultra-high current carrying capability in a compact surface mount package. Has a 1245 EIA footprint and is available with a nominal current rating up to 100 amps.

4/20/2021 2:53:10 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FUSE 80A FAST SMD 12451245HC80-RTRFUSE 80A FAST SMD 12450View Details
FUSE 60A FAST SMD 12451245HC60-RTRFUSE 60A FAST SMD 12450View Details
FUSE 100A FAST SMD 12451245HC100-RTRFUSE 100A FAST SMD 12450View Details