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Image of Vicor's Unmanned Aircraft for Communications
Unmanned Aircraft for Communications

Vicor BCMs are important to enable the widening variety of fuel sources and applications with increasing power challenges.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS61099 Synchronous Boost Converter
TPS61099 Synchronous Boost Converter

Texas Instruments' TPS61099 synchronous boost converter is suitable for battery-powered systems to extend the battery running time.

Image of Wurth EISOS' Wireless Connectivity Products
Wireless Connectivity Products

Würth's wireless connectivity products are ideal solutions for decentralized IoT and smart metering applications.

ST4SIM-200M eSIM GSMA Compliant System-on-Chip - STMicroelectronics
ST4SIM-200M eSIM GSMA Compliant System-on-Chip

The ST4SIM-200M is an STMicroelectronics top-class GSMA embedded SIM (eSIM or eUICC) product designed for all industrial devices.

Image of Acconeer's Pulsed Coherent Radar
Pulsed Coherent Radar

The Acconeer PCR’s small size and low power consumption makes it suitable for integration into any mobile or portable battery driven device.

Image of Infineon Technologies' 2ED2182S06F 650 V Half-Bridge MOSFET and Gate Driver
2ED2182S06F 650 V Half-Bridge MOSFET and IGBT Gate Driver

Infineon's 650 V half-bridge high-speed power MOSFET and IGBT gate driver has typical 2.5 A sink-and-source current in a DSO-8 package.

Image of SURGE's Surface-Mount Capacitors
Commercial Surface-Mount Capacitors

SURGE's commercial surface-mount capacitors include aluminum electrolytic and aluminum polymer that are suitable for smoothing, buffering, and filtering applications.

Image of Linx Technologies' ANT-433-FPC-UFL-100 Antenna
ANT-433-FPC-UFL-100 Antenna

Linx's ANT-433-FPC-UFL-100 is a flexible embedded antenna for sub-1 GHz and low-power, wide-area applications including LoRaWAN® and remote control.

Image of Power Integration's Reference Design Kits
Reference Design Kits

Power Integrations reference design kits accelerate project development by enabling the developer to evaluate, modify, tune, and test designs.

Image of Eaton Electronics' High Voltage 480 V Panel Mount Fuse Holders – HVP Series
High Voltage 480 V Panel Mount Fuse Holders – HVP Series

Eaton’s HVP series high voltage panel mount fuse holders are built to handle high vibration environments with a robust thermoset holder body and knob.

Image of Murata Electronics' CT310 Series Angular Sensors
CT310 Series Angular Sensors

Murata Electronics' CT310 has differential outputs for both sine (SIN) and cosine (COS) axes and operates with a supply voltage range from 1.0 V to 5.5 V.

Image of RICOH Electronic Devices' R1801 Buck DC/DC Converter
R1801 Buck DC/DC Converter

RICOH Electronic Devices’ R1801 buck DC/DC converter is designed for use in the IoT ecosystem by extracting energy from photovoltaic or piezoelectric cells.

Image of Analog Devices' LT8336 DC/DC Converter
LT8336 DC/DC Converter

Analog Devices' LT8336 features Silent Switcher® architecture and optional spread spectrum frequency modulation.

Image of Molex's NTC Lug Temperature Sensor Cable Assemblies
NTC Lug Temperature Sensor Cable Assemblies

Molex’s NTC lug temperature sensor cable assemblies are available in a variety of beta values, resistances, lengths, and temperature ranges for many applications.

R52 Film Capacitors - KEMET
R52 Film Capacitors

KEMET's R52 series is constructed of metallized polypropylene film encapsulated with self-extinguishing resin and meets the requirements of UL 94 V-0.