MachXO3L Starter Kit

Lattice introduces the MachXO3L starter kit, featuring the MachXO3L-6900C

Image of Lattice's MachXO3L Starter KitLattice's MachXO3L starter kit is a very basic breakout board to allow simple evaluation and development of XO3L device. It has LCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256C device on it. It is significantly smaller size and lower cost than XO3L DSI (LCXO3L-DSI-EVN) or SMA (LCXO3L-SMA-EVN) breakout board while it offers basic functionalities, a good way to start the evaluation of XO3L. A SPI Flash is available in this starter kit board. External boot or dual-boot functional capabilities can be evaluated with this MachXO3L starter kit. XO3L DSI breakout board is recommended for MIPI DSI, CSI2 etc I/O evaluation and XO3L SMA breakout board is recommended for high-speed differential I/O evaluation.

This starter kit board is a 3x3 inch form factor, and features a USB mini-B connector for power and programming, an LED array, and prototype area. It comes with a pre-loaded demonstration, a counter design that highlights use of the embedded MachXO3L oscillator and programmable I/Os configured for LED drive. A USB cable is also included with the kit, and demos area available for download. By using the free Lattice design tools, you can program the MachXO3L device to review your own custom design.

MachXO3L Starter Kit Key Functions

  • Evaluate CMOS I/Os
  • LED driving capability
  • Programming via JTAG or I2C
  • SPI Flash for external boot or dual-boot operation
  • Lattice Diamond® design software
  • Diamond standalone programmer

  • Four 2 x 20 expansion header landing for general I/O, JTAG and external power
  • 1 x 8 expansion header landing for JTAG
  • 1 x 6 expansion header landing for SPI/I2C
  • SPI Flash for external boot or dual boot
  • 3.3 V and 1.2 V supply rails
  • RoHS-compliant
  • MachXO3L FPGA – LCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256C
  • USB mini-B connector (program/power)
  • Pre-programmed example design
  • Eight LEDs
  • 4-position DIP switch
  • 40-hole prototyping area

Kit Contents
  • MachXO3L breakout board
  • Pre-loaded demo
  • Mini USB cable
  • QuickStart guide

MachXO3L Starter Kit

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Published: 2015-01-14