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The Hacksmith: Rainbow Six Blitz Shield

By The Hacksmith

For those of you not familiar with Rainbow Six Siege, Blitz is a character who carries around a bullet-proof riot shield, fully equipped with flash grenades that can temporarily blind opponents. Riley, the newest member of the Hacksmith team, tackled his own version of Blitz’s shield. This version uses LEDs instead of flash grenades, but it’s still plenty blinding! These LEDs are even brighter than the blinding lights on the Bat Baja.

Check out Riley’s build in the video below.


How Bright are These LEDs?

As you probably know, brightness is measured in lumens. According to Police Mag, anything over 80 lumens can cause temporary blindness. The LED layout on the shield produces over 1600 lumens, which is significantly brighter than the light produced from welding—or even sunlight!

Light readings from the LEDs on the shield

Light readings from the LEDs on the shield versus readings from welding and sunlight.

How Does It Work?

The LED array consists of three rows of four lights and is powered by three LiPo batteries. An Arduino Mini Pro with various modes (low-high power, strobe speed, strobe mode, SOS, Random) activates a MOSFET and powers the LEDs. This allows the user to blind opponents in a multitude of lighting arrangements.

The shield also has a light valve (commonly used in welding helmets), which darkens when you apply a voltage. The Arduino controls are set up so that when the LEDs turn on, the light valves go dark to protect the user's eyes. Without the light valve, the person operating the shield would be exposed to the reflection of all 1635 lumens.

Schematic and BOM


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