Adafruit AdaBox012 - PyGamer | Digi-Key Daily

Adafruit introduces their AdaBox012, the PyGamer, which is an entry-level handheld gaming device for DIY gaming. It’s fully Open Source, can run CircuitPython, MakeCode Arcade or Arduino games that you write yourself. It’s powered using the ATSAMD51 IC, and there’s an additional 8 megabytes of QSPI Flash for file storage, which is handy for images, fonts, sounds, or game assets. It features a 1.8-inch, 160-by-128 color TFT display, a dual-potentiometer analog stick with easy diagonal movements, menu-select buttons, NeoPixel LEDs, and a Feather-compatible header socket. For built-in sensors, it offers a light sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer for detecting taps and freefall. The PyGamer is not the fastest and best of everything, but this small, all-in-one development board offers tons of possibilities.

9/20/2019 1:17:33 PM