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- Today, VCC is the recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative LED, incandescent, neon and specialty indicator light solutions for global markets including aerospace, medical, automotive, transportation, safety and industrial. With the addition of the CML, Leecraft and Littelites indicator product lines, VCC has the broadest product line and offers the most versions and options across all indicator light technologies. As a pioneer in the development of high-performance LED indication solutions, VCC combines 40+ years of experience in LED design, engineering, and manufacturing with its extensive incandescent and neon indicator light capabilities and is changing the way indication is used to communicate.

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VentoFlex Modular Lighting Tile

VCC's VentoFlex modular lighting tile is versatile and customizable to provide the desired ambient tone, aesthetic, size, and shape of a lighting system. Learn More

T-1 ¾ Sub-Miniature LED Replacement Lamps

VCC's T-1 ¾ sub-miniature LED replacement lamps in six single color and one bicolor options are drop-in replacements for less efficient filament lamps. Learn More

T-2 Slide Based Lamps

VCC's T-2 are slide based LED replacements for incandescent lamps offered in a variety of bases and colors, and mount directly into industry standard sockets. Learn More

T-3 1/4 Miniature Lamps

VCC's T-3 1/4 are miniature LED replacement lamps are available in a variety of colors and voltages suitable for mission critical applications. Learn More

LSM0603 Series LEDs

VCC's LSM0603 series SMD Chip LED lamps are ideal for portable consumer electronics, backlighting, and indicator applications. Learn More

90 Series LED Panel Mount Indicator

VCC's 90 series LED panel mount indicators offer superior construction, longer life, and watertight socket options for splashdown environments. Learn More

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VentoFlex - Connecting Guide - Customizable Lighting System - VCC

VentoFlex Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL) sheets can be mounted directly to most any non-conductive interior surface with no requirement for a heat sink.

VentoFlex Parts Overview - Customizable LED Lighting System - VCC

For architects and lighting designers with the highest standards, VCC VentoFlex modular lighting system opens up countless ways to make an impact.

VentoFlex Installation and Mounting Guide - Flexible Modular Lighting System

Bend the Rules of Lighting Design with VentoFlex Tiles from VCC. With VentoFlex, lighting design is no longer limited by flat surfaces — the flexible tiles can contour to fit most any curved surface up to 90 degrees and beyond.

VentoFlex - Cutting Trimming Guide -Customizable Lighting System

For architects and lighting designers with the highest standards, VCC VentoFlex modular lighting system opens up countless ways to make an impact.

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