- Vesper offers the first piezoelectric MEMS microphones that withstand real-world use in smartphones and other connected devices. Vesper’s are the only MEMS microphones rugged enough to withstand water, dust and particle contaminants and enable battery-powered always-on voice-first applications.

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VM1010 ZeroPower Listening™ Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones Publish Date: 2019-03-14

Vesper's VM1010 is a low-noise, single-ended analog MEMS microphone with a Wake-on-Sound mode providing an ultra-low power always-listening solution.

VM1000 Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones Publish Date: 2019-03-14

Vesper's VM1000 is a low-noise, high dynamic range, single-ended analog output piezoelectric MEMS microphone.

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ZeroPower Listening Microphones Let Voice-activated Smart Devices Run for Months

Vesper’s always-listening piezoelectric MEMS microphones let battery-powered devices stay in wake-on-sound mode without draining the battery. They are also waterproof, dustproof and particle-resistant – so they make smart devices truly mobile.

Gunshot Detection in a Small Package Vesper’s MEMS Microphones

BioMimetic Systems is a company which builds gunshot detection systems. They use microphone arrays to locate enemy fire and protect soldiers.

High-Speed Microphone Testing with Vespers Automated Handler

At Vesper, we built a handler to test thousands of microphones at once. Our microphones arrive in trays, which are fed into our fully-automatic handler. Each microphone is individually tested in a sealed acoustic chamber.

Save 10x Battery with Vesper’s Wake-on-Sound Dev Board for Voice-Activated Products

Vesper’s VM1010 piezoelectric MEMS microphone with ZeroPower Listening, DSP Group’s DBMD6 DSP, and Sensory’s keyword-detection algorithm – increases battery life from 8 hours in always-listening mode.

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