- Techflex, Inc. manufactures a wide range of braided sleeving products for a variety of industries. Techflex products are used primarily to protect and harness wires, cables, and hoses from abrasion, high temperature and UV applications. Techflex has led the way in supplying a full range of high quality sleeving solutions and we will work with you to find the right solution. Our full product line is all you need for your cable management needs.

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Image of Techflex's Flexo® Wrap


Techflex's FLEXO® Wrap (FW) is an exclusive product engineered and manufactured by Techflex. FW provides the perfect solution to a wide variety of unique application challenges. Learn More

Image of Techflex's Flexo® F6 Braided Tube Sleevin

FLEXO® F6 Braided Tube Sleeving

Techflex's F6's unique split, semi-rigid braided construction makes it the ideal solution for situations where easy installation is of primary importance. Learn More

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Flexo Silver Plated Copper Tubes

TechFlex's Flexo sliver plated copper braid (MBS) is made to conform to AA59569 and ASTM-B298. Learn More

Flexo® Noise Reduction

Techflex’s Flexo® noise reduction is a bi-axially braided hybrid sleeving, combining monofilament and multifilament PET yarns to create a full-coverage, expandable sleeve. Learn More

Flexo® Anti-Stat Braided Sleeving

Techflex introduces their Flexo® anti-stat conductive carbon infused nylon which is designed for static protection and shielding in the most sensitive applications. Learn More

Flexo Copper and Brass Braided Sleeving

TechFlex Flexo Brass can be a useful and beautiful part of your next project. The decorative features of brass are obvious, but many people don’t know that brass is actually an alloy of copper and zinc. Learn More

F6 Woven Wrap

Techflex's F6-WW utilizes many of the same features as its original F6 split braided sleeving. This includes the easy wrap around design and the extra overlap. Learn More

ThermaShield Tube

Techflex's ThermaShield tube reflects radiant heat away from sensitive electronics, providing full coverage and protection. Learn More

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Techflex Nylon Monofilament

Techflex Nylon Monofilament

Techflex Nylon Multifilament

Techflex Nylon Multifilament

Techflex Overexpanded

Techflex Overexpanded

Techflex Reflex

Techflex Reflex

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