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Image of PULS Power Supply Units

Power Supply Units

PULS is DIN-Rail power supplies. The high performance DIMENSION, the well-rounded PIANO and the compact MiniLine comprise their product offering.

Image of PULS DC-UPS and Buffer Modules

DC-UPS and Buffer Modules

For the installation of PULS’ DC-UPS system with battery backup, there are three essential elements necessary: a power supply, a DC-UPS, and a battery.

Image of PULS Redundancy Modules

Redundancy Modules

In a redundant power supply system from PULS, two or more power supplies are wired in parallel and decoupled by one or more redundancy modules.

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About PULS

PULS is a company exclusively dedicated to the design, development, production, and sales of DIN-Rail power products. This singular focus on the needs and requirements of the Industrial DC power market allows PULS to set new standards for efficiency and service lifetimes while becoming the global market leader. The broad product offering from PULS enables users to select the right product for their application requirements. All PULS products are manufactured in two state-of-the-art production facilities that are wholly owned and operated by PULS.