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Pulse Electronics Corporation

- Pulse Electronics is the electronic components partner that helps customers build the next great product by providing the needed technical solutions. Pulse has a long operating history of innovation in magnetics, antennas and connectors, as well as the ability to ramp quickly into high-quality, high-volume production. The Company serves the wireless and wireline communications, power management, military/aerospace and automotive industries. Previously, the holding and operating companies were known as Technitrol, Inc. and Pulse Engineering, respectively. Pulse is a participating member of IEEE, ATIS, ETSI, HDMI, the DSL Forum, CommNexus, and MoCA.

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Image of Pulse's Battery Management System Isolation Transformers

Battery Management System (BMS) Components for Safety Isolation and EMI Noise Suppression

Pulse Electronics Network's line of isolation transformers and common mode chokes are designed for use in battery management systems for EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs.

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Image of PulseLarsen Antennas' Jaguar and Disc Multi-Band Vehicular Antennas

Jaguar/Disc Multi-Band Vehicular Antennas

PulseLarsen Antennas' Jaguar and Disc multi-band vehicular antennas for off-ground plane, IoT, and machine-to-machine applications.

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Image of Pulse Electronics Power's PH9455 Series Nanoncrystalline Common Mode Chokes

Nanocrystalline Common Mode Chokes – PH9455 Series

Pulse Electronics' PH9455 series suppress common mode choke EMI noise on any AC/DC, DC/DC, or DC/AC circuit, and offer a compact design and low energy loss.

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Image of Pulse Electronics Networking's 5GBase-T Ethernet Network Solutions

5GBase-T Ethernet Network Solutions

Pulse Electronics 5GBase-T Ethernet Network Solution parts are ideal for applications requiring higher bandwidth and PoE function such as base stations, 802.11ac access points, routers, switches, and video displays.

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Image of PulseLarsen Antennas' FLEXible Internal FPC Antennas

FLEXible Internal FPC Antennas

PulseLarsen Antennas' FPC antennas are the perfect solution for applications including IoT devices, access points, utility applications, automotive, and more.

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Image of PulseLarsen Antennas SPDA24700/2700, W5084x, W5095x Series OMNI Dipole Blade Antennas

LTE Omni Dipole Antennas - SPDA24700/2700, W5084x, and W5095x Series

PulseLarsen Antenna offers omni directional, dipole blade antennas which are flexible and economical solutions for wireless LTE devices in the 698 MHz to 2700 MHz frequency range.

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Ethernet Magnetics

AEC-Q200 Ethernet Magnetics

Duration: 5 minutes

This presentation will give a brief overview of Pulse's ethernet magnetics used in automotive communications applications.


Automotive Chipchokes

Duration: 5 minutes

CAN-bus is a standard designed to allow microcontrollers and other devices to communicate with each other within a vehicle without a host computer.


HDBaseT™ 5Play™ Magnetics

Duration: 5 minutes

A technology which allows ultra high definition video, audio content, Ethernet.

Mode Choke

Integrated Common Mode and Differential Mode Chokes

Duration: 5 minutes

Introduction to the theory and benefits of integrating two separate components into a single integrated CMDM magnetic part.

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Pulse Electronics Battery Management Systems (BMS) Components

Pulse Electronics offers multiple component solutions specifically designed for the stringent requirements of Battery Management Systems (BMS) for electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage systems.

PulseLarsen Antennas Video

PulseLarsen antenna solutions for all wireless applications.

2.5Gbase-T Ethernet Magnetics

Pulse electronics offers full line of 2.5GBase-T Ethernet magnetics supporting 4P PoE connections for multiple Ethernet applications. The parts are compatible with all major 2.5GBase-T PHY suppliers.

Excelsus - DSL Alarm Filter

DSL Alarm Filter