- MEAN WELL is one of the leading standard switching power supply manufacturers in the world having more than 8,000 standard off-the-shelf models for a complete range of power supply solutions. Specializing in design, manufacturing and marketing of AC-DC switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, and adapters/battery chargers for global markets. MEAN WELL upholds the idea of “your reliable power partner” and is devoted to offering the best power supply product and service. MEAN WELL is now able to provide fast, localized services around the world with its global distribution network fostered by continuous effort and hard work.

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HVGC-1000 Series LED Drivers

MEAN WELL's HVGC-1000 series (1000 W) features wide AC input from 180 VAC to 528 VAC for high power LED luminaire applications. Learn More

UHP-2500 Series AC/DC Power Supplies

MEAN WELL’s UHP-2500 series AC/DC 2,500 W power supplies have a unique fanless design that solves the problem of fan failures caused by absorbing dusts. Learn More

UHP-1500 Series 1500 W Fanless Conduction-Cooled Power Supply

MEAN WELL's 1500 W UHP-1500's fanless design solves fan failures caused by the absorption of dust, reducing the frequency and cost of device maintenance. Learn More

XLG Series LED Power Supplies

MEAN WELL’s XLG series LED power supplies are the latest generation of waterproof LED driver series reach from 25 W to 240 W. Learn More

RPS-120S Series Medical Power Supply

MEAN WELL’s RPS-120S series is medical grade 3” x 2” PCB type power supply that can operate up to 120 W under free air convection. Learn More

EPP-120S Series Power Supplies

MEAN WELL’s EPP-120S series is a 120 W high-efficiency miniaturized 3” x 2” industrial open frame power supply. Learn More

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Image of MEAN WELL Wall / Desktop Adaptors

Wall / Desktop Adaptors

MEAN WELL has invested in the development of AC/DC external adaptors since 2008, striving to provide the most up-to-date technology complying with the latest regulations. Learn More

Image of MEAN WELL DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters

MEAN WELL DC-DC product includes Enclosed, Open Frame PCB, On Board and Module types. Currently there are over 100 series covering a range from 0.5W to 1000W. Learn More

Image of MEAN WELL Inverters & Battery Chargers

Inverters & Battery Chargers

MEAN WELL has developed green power solutions that include DC/AC inverters, solar inverters, and battery chargers to fulfill the needs of the alternative energy market. Learn More

Image of MEAN WELL DIN Rail Power

DIN Rail Power

MEAN WELL’s line of DIN rail power supplies are made up of more than 40 series with 1 to 3 phase input voltage operation and ranging from 10W to 960W in total. Learn More

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UHP Series Fanless Conduction-cooled Power Supply

MEAN WELL launches the fanless solution-UHP series. The unique fanless design perfectly solves the customer’s headaches regarding fan failures caused by absorbing dusts, and it can reduce the frequency and cost of device maintenance.

XLG Series – Powerful LED Drivers

For LED luminaires application, MEAN WELL officially releases the new generation waterproof LED driver series—XLG series. The whole XLG series, which has been highly expected by the market, covers from 25W to 240W.

Keep your Raspberry Pi safe - Another Geek Moment | The Resident Geeks

This time on Another Geek Moment, Kyle demonstrates how a specialized solenoid is used to latch and unlatch the lid on a plastic Pi(e) case using a Raspberry Pi, a magnetic sensor and a few custom circuits.

MEAN WELL NMP650 and NMP1K2 Series | Digi-Key Daily

NMP650 and NMP1K2 series of modular power supplies from MEAN WELL were created to support the need for low volume and custom power requirements in medical and industrial markets.

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