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- Since 1995, Matrix Orbital has engineered, manufactured and delivered innovative LCD solutions to the advanced technology, defense, and aerospace industries, and to a growing list of companies requiring industrial instrumentation featuring the ultimate digital information display. Matrix Orbital LCD units are the first choice of leading engineers who want a powerful design with easy and cost effective implementation.


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G Series TFT Displays

Matrix Orbital's G Series TFT displays oversized capacitive touch panel features an adhesive strip that simplifies the mounting process. Learn More

HTT Series TFT Displays

Matrix Orbital's HTT series TFT displays are designed to be the ideal solution for panel mounted applications or HDMI interfaces. Learn More

Full Color Parallel TFTs

Matrix Orbital’s full color parallel TFTs feature a bright backlight and wide operating temperature range for use in a range of new and existing applications. Learn More

EVE2 TFT Modules

Matrix Orbital’s EVE2 TFTs offer a variety of features for greater application flexibility. Learn More

ELK Series Displays

The ELK plastic display enclosure series, from Matrix Orbital, offers a 20 character by 4 line LCD with a 7 key tactile keypad and 3 tri-color LEDs for notifications. Learn More

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G Series Overview

Matrix Orbital is pleased to announce our G Series glass option for a variety of our TFT displays. Offered with the HTT, EVE2 and Parallel modules, the oversized capacitive touch panel features an adhesive strip that simplifies the mounting process.

EVE2 USB to SPI Bridge

The Matrix Orbital USB to SPI Bridge utilizes FTDI’s FT232H IC, allowing users to communicate to their SPI devices through a USB interface.

Matrix Orbital - GTT Designer Software Overview

Matrix Orbital’s GTT Designer suite is a free software package designed to integrate seamlessly with our GTT Series of intelligent displays. This video give an overview of the possibilities to create HMIs in GTT Designer software.

EVE2 Series Displays

Matrix Orbital is proud to announce the release of a new line of SPI TFT displays powered by the EVE 2 processor (FT812 and FT813) from FTDI Chip. The Embedded Video Engine chip combines graphics, audio and touch into a single, optimized, solution.

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