- Since 1946 Knowles has helped designers find more ways to put better technology to work for their customers. Knowles is a market leader and global supplier of advanced micro-acoustic, specialty components, and human interface solutions in the mobile communications, consumer electronics, medical technology, and other industrial end markets. Knowles’ deep experience and rigorous testing delivers consistently dependable and precise products including speakers and microphones for hearing health products, premium music earphones, communications headsets, and industrial acoustic applications. Knowles MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) microphones and micro-speakers are widely used in smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and other portable devices.


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KAS-33100-0004 Muskie Evaluation Platform

Knowles' KAS-33100-0004 Muskie evaluation platform is designed for simple and easy evaluation of the SiSonic™ MEMS microphones. Learn More

Ramis-B Multimode Digital Top Port SiSonic™ Microphone

Knowles' Ramis-B SPK0838HT4H-1 is a miniature, high-performance, low-power, top port silicon digital microphone with single bit PDM output. Learn More

Baracus Multimode Digital Top Port SiSonic™ Microphone

The Baracus from Knowles is a miniature, high-performance, low-power, top port silicon digital microphone with single bit PDM output. Learn More

Cornell SPH0644LM4H-1 Microphone

Knowles' SPH0644LM4H-1 is made for portable electronic devices where excellent wideband audio performance and RF immunity are required. Learn More

GV-32830-000 Quad Balanced Armature Driver

Knowles 4-way driver contains four drivers (speakers) with a 3-way crossover composed of HODVTEC woofer and TWFK mid-range/tweeter. Learn More

GU-32829-000 Dual-Balanced Armature Driver

Knowles' GU-32829-000 dual-balanced armature driver produces a broad bandwidth and much clearer output than a single driver. Learn More

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Microphone Interfaces Publish Date: 2015-08-03

Digital microphones provide an upside to end applications and enable intelligent audio solutions with the introduction of Knowles’ multi-mode microphones.

Duration: 5 minutes
Using Dynamic Speakers and Balanced Armature Drivers in In-Ear Wearables Publish Date: 2015-02-25

Digi-Key, Knowles, PTM, tutorial, speakers, drivers, armature driver, in-ear wearable.

Duration: 5 minutes
Measuring Frequency Response of Balanced Armature Drivers and Earphones Publish Date: 2015-02-20

General characteristics of different measurement methods, the advantages and limitations of each, and trying to understand an earphone’s frequency response.

Duration: 10 minutes
Ultrasonic Applications for Knowles Electret and MEMS Microphones Publish Date: 2014-07-31

This tutorial will discuss the general characteristics of certain Knowles microphones in the ultrasonic band.

Duration: 5 minutes

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The future of portable audio

See how balanced armature is poised as the driver of choice for the premium sound revolution in earphones and in-ear wearables.

The balanced armature advantage

An overview of the benefits of balanced armature technology for today's demanding devices.

What is Balanced Armature?

What is Balanced Armature technology and Headphone applications

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