GHI Electronics, LLC

- Founded in 2003, GHI Electronics provides drop-in embedded IoT modules that reduce risk, cost, and complexity through their rich feature-set that includes TinyCLR OS, a modern .NET runtime with powerful USB-based debugging.

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GHI Electronics BrainPad-AR1 | Digi-Key Daily

GHI Electronics presents their BrainPad-AR1, which is also known as the BrainPad Arcade. The BrainPad Arcade is Microsoft MakeCode compatible and can be used to build interesting games from collision detection to particles.

GHI Electronics BrainPad | Digi-Key Daily

GHI Electronics’ BrainPad is an educational STEM tool that can be used to teach everyone, from kids to college students to professionals.

PocketBeagle USB-Key-Fob Computer | Maker Minute

PocketBeagle from's is an ultra-tiny-yet-complete open-source USB-key-fob computer.

GHI Beaglebone Blue Wireless | Maker Minute

The BeagleBone Blue has 4 DC motor drivers, 4 quadrature encoder inputs, 8 servo motor outputs and a 9-axis IMU and barometer.