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Designing a Power Factor Correction Circuit
How to Use Ametherm's Inrush Current Calculators
Calculating Thermistor Beta
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5 minutes
NTC Thermistor Inrush Current Limiter MM35-DIN Series
Overview of the MM35-DIN Series NTC Theristor Inrush Current Limiter, including applications, features, and educational information.
5 minutes
Glass Encapsulated DG Series NTC Thermistors
Educational information about glass encapsulated thermistors as well as a customer's guide for choosing the appropriate device for their application.
10 minutes
NTC Thermistor Sensors
The presentation will provide an overview of NTC Thermistor Sensors and their applications.
5 minutes
DC Inrush Current Limiter
This tutorial will help customers learn more about Inrush Current Limiters and which ones they will need for different applications.
5 minutes
Choosing NTC Thermistor for Inrush Current Limiting: Capacitive Applications
The selection of NTC thermistors for inrush current limiting on capacitive applications.
5 minutes
Battery Precharge Overview
Inrush current problems in battery circuits explained and a precharge circuit to limit inrush current with Ametherm Thermistor.
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About Ametherm

Ametherm is a leading manufacturer of Power Thermistors. Ametherm offers the highest rated steady state current rating as well as highest rated energy handling capability offered in the market. Their excellent long-term stability and rugged structure makes them ideally suited for limiting Inrush current in the motors (1/3 HP to 3.0 HP range), medical (Power supplies, MRI), Security systems (X-Ray machines), transformers (up to 8.0 KVA), telecom (Power supplies up to 4000 watt out put power) and motor drives, in the most cost effective method.