AKM Semiconductor

- AKM Semiconductor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), Tokyo, Japan. AKMS, located in San Jose, California offers sales, marketing, and design support for North American customers. AKM designs and manufactures CMOS mixed signal integrated circuits for applications including audio, multimedia, data storage, and telecommunications.

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AK09970D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Smart Switch

AKM's AK09970D is a device with a much smaller overall footprint than the conventional tri-axis magnetic smart switch sensor, the AK09970N. Learn More

AK4468 8-Channel 32-Bit Premium DAC

AKM's AK4468 8-channel, 32-bit premium DAC is ideal for applications such as AV receivers, car audio, and network audio. Learn More

AK4332ECB Digital-to-Analog Converter

AKM’s AK4332ECB DAC supports both high-quality sound and ultra-low power consumption with a built-in headphone amplifier optimized for true-wireless earphones. Learn More

CZ370x Current Sensors

AKM's CZ370x series coreless current sensor achieves both creepage distance and clearance distance greater than 8 mm. Learn More

AK09940 High Precision Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor

AKM’s AK09940 is a general-purpose, digital output, tri-axis magnetic sensor IC with ultra-low noise and ultra-low power consumption using TMR technology. Learn More

AK310x Current Sensors

AKM has developed ultra-low noise, coreless current sensors for improving the audio quality of large-sized speakers such as subwoofers. Learn More

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AK1594 Bluetooth Low Energy BLE Transmitter IC Publish Date: 2018-10-05

An overview of the AK1594 Bluetooth low energy transmitter with examples of typical applications

Duration: 10 minutes
IR Human Presence Sensor Overview Updated: 2018-07-10

An overview of the human presence IR sensor products from AKM, including features, individual devices, and a comparison between quantum sensors and traditional pyroelectric types.

Duration: 5 minutes
3D Magnetic Smart Switch Sensor Publish Date: 2018-06-11

An overview and design example of AKM's 3D magnetic smart switch sensor, as well as the advantages of a 3D sensor versus a single axis sensor.

Duration: 5 minutes
Coreless Current Sensor Overview Publish Date: 2017-08-02

This tutorial will explain what a coreless current sensor is and discuss its features and applications where it can be used.

Duration: 5 minutes

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Original LSI Process for High Quality Sound

Discover AKMs new unique, proprietary LSI process used to produce AKMs flagship audio products.

AKM's Flagship Premium D/A Converter AK4497EQ

AKM's Audio Meister talks about the features of AK4497, its evaluation method and AKM's pursuit of Real Live Sound.