Digi-Key presents: Supply Chain Transformed

In this series, we explore the latest in digital transformation across the supply chain, discovering how leading suppliers and distributors are introducing new forms of technology, visibility, and asset monitoring, into the product life cycle and beyond.

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Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 1 :
Components at the Source

Global suppliers count on Digi-Key electronics to monitor, organize, and ship priority components to manufacturers each and every day. How did these products get here? In this episode, we follow the supply chain back to its source, touring one of Molex’s manufacturing facilities to learn how this supplier is pushing innovation forward with its next-generation products.

Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 2 :
The Product Journey

Demand for electronics across industries is at an all-time high. With global component shortages impacting supply, efficient transportation and tracking of components on the move has become a top priority. How can technology ensure that precious components are not damaged, lost, or delayed in their journey across the globe? In this episode, we follow the product’s journey as it travels across the supply chain.

Digi-Key Presents:

Episode 3 :
Next Generation Production

In our final episode, we look at how the individual aspects of the supply chain combine to create the future of global manufacturing. From condition-based monitoring to worker safety, to collaborative robotics designs and predictive maintenance, the future of global supply chains is one that focuses on both security and safety for the people within it.

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