FlexSPIN™ Multi-Motor Programmable Drivers

Highly integrated for cost-driven applications such as printers. Controls and drives multi-motor applications (stepper and DC simultaneously) or inverter stages with its 4 fully-configurable full-bridge drivers.

FlexSPIN: SPI configurable stepper and DC multi motor driver

STM FlexSPIN Motor Driver

ST's FlexSPIN motor driver controls and powers multi-motor systems, through simultaneous management of stepper and DC motors. A number of features can be configured through the digital interface (SPI), including 3 voltage regulators, 1 high-precision ADC, 2 operational amplifiers and 14 configurable GPIOs. The highly-flexible L6460 may be configured as two half bridges or one full bridge to work as a power stage featuring additional voltage buck regulators.

Key benefits of FlexSPIN:

  • Optimization of motion-control system costs and space by using a single driver for multiple motors
  • Design flexibility: 4 configurable drivers to support different types of motor
  • Easily programmable through SPI interface

FlexSPIN: SPI configurable stepper and DC multi motor driver

Part Number Current Output Voltage Load Operating Temp Package  
L6460H 1.5A, 2.5A 13 V ~ 38 V -40°C ~ 125°C 64-TQFP Learn More
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Features: L6460

  • Operating supply voltage from 13 V to 38 V
  • 4 full bridge driver configurable in multi-motor application to drive:
    • 2 DC and 1 stepper motor
    • 4 DC motor
  • Bridge 1 and 2 (RDSon = 0.60 Ω) can be configured to work as:
    • Dual full bridge driver
    • Super DC driver
    • 2 half bridge driver
    • 1 super half bridge
    • 2 power switches
    • 1 super power switch
  • Bridge 3 and 4 (RDSon = 0.85 Ω) can be configured to work as:
    • Same as bridges 1 and 2, listed above
    • Stepper motor driver: up to 1/16 microstepping
    • 2 buck regulators (bridge 3)
    • 1 super buck regulator
    • Battery charger (bridge 4)
  • SPI interface
  • Programmable watchdog function
  • Power supply management
    • One switching buck regulator
    • One switching regulator controller
    • One linear regulator
    • One battery charger
  • Fully protected through
    • Thermal warning and shutdown
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Undervoltage lock-out
  • Integrated power sequencing and supervisory functions with fault signaling through serial interface and external reset pin
  • Very low power dissipation in shut-down mode (~35 mW)
  • Auxiliary features
    • Multi-channels 9 bit ADC
    • 2 operational amplifiers
    • Digital comparator
    • 2 low voltage power switches
    • 3 general purpose PWM generators
    • 14 GPIOs