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The Hacksmith: Just Cause Grappling Hook Gun

By The Hacksmith

Just Cause is a popular action game series for consoles and PCs known for being an open-world third-person shooter with gratuitous destruction and wild car chases. Basically, it’s like Grand Theft Auto but with cooler gadgets. Perhaps the most iconic of these gadgets is the wrist-mounted grappling hook gun, which can be fired from the user’s wrist, then used to rappel the wearer to the hook, like Link’s hookshot in Legend of Zelda or Batman’s grappling hook gun.

Hacksmith Industries made a Batman grappling hook back in 2017, which was one of the most compact grappling hook guns created by makers. JT, a Hacksmith Industries intern from South Africa, took it upon himself to make an even smaller grappling gun. See how he made it in the video below!


How Does it Work?

Like in the Just Cause games, this grappling is mounted to the user’s wrist. The hook is fired from a trimmed down paintball gun which uses CO2 to propel the projectile. Once the hook is in place, the winch uses a customizable gear box with a winch so the user can’t be dropped when they stop giving power to the electric motor. Unfortunately, this means that the grappling hook gun only allows the user to go up, but it’s still better than the user plummeting to their death.

The motor is powered by a LiPo battery, which receives input from an RC controller communicating with an electric speed controller. The RC controller can make the spooled paracord zip at variable speeds.

The prototype works as intended, but JT is still making improvements to the design.

Schematic and BOM



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