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The Hacksmith: Flame Thrower Exhaust for a Spy Car

By The Hacksmith

This project was created by Engineering Superheroes of Hackmith Industries.


The latest addition to Hacksmith Industries’ MGB MK4 spy car is “straight fire,” as the kids say these days. This is the fourth spy car feature out of 32 that are planned. Despite having an assortment of gadgets that can shock you or toss you into the air, there wasn’t a feature that can literally melt your face… until now.

Does a spy car need flaming exhaust? Probably not, but a spy needs all the gadgets they can get for a car chase. Worst case scenario, it discourages tailgaters from following too closely. See how it was made in the video below.


How Does it Work?

The flames are fueled by a small propane tank that sits in the MK4’s trunk. The propane tank feeds into the car’s exhaust, which propels the flames to shoot a few feet. The flames are triggered by a spark plug at the end of the exhaust. The spark plug is triggered by a solenoid that is controlled by an Arduino. This Arduino controller system is powered by the car’s 12V battery.

The solenoid that toggles the spark plug on and off is controlled via a smartphone app that was developed in a program called Blynk. The app made in Blynk contains the software that controls all of the MK4’s electronic add-ons, including but not limited to the drive in movie projector, the security system, the license plate flipper, and the ejector seat.

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