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Mjolnir - Thor's Hammer

By Brandon Hart

I work closely with a non-profit group in Des Moines, called the Justice Corps of Iowa ( that does superhero appearances for kids events and donates the proceeds to charity. They're evolving their costumes and I've been able to help out by 3D Printing quite a few parts (Hawkeye's Quiver & Arrow heads, Wolverine's claws, Spiderman's webshooters, soles, and face shell, and more).

I mentioned to the guy who plays Thor in the group that he should have a hammer that only he can pick up. He agreed, so now it's up to me to make it happen!

Key Parts and Components

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  • Sparkfun Arduino ProMicro 5v
  • ID Innovations ID-20LA RFID Reader
  • 125MHz RFID Tags
  • Solid State Relays
  • 3000mAh Li-Ion Battery Packs
  • Electromagnets
  • CC1742-ND
  • 1568-1060-ND