UL 508A Cabinets and Ethernet Switches

The design and components included within any UL 508A compliant industrial control cabinet will vary based on the application, but a few requirements are universal including reliability, ruggedness, wide temperature operating ranges, and compact component sizes. Henrich industrial Ethernet switches meet all these requirements. They come in a variety of configurations to meet any application need and are UL508 C1D2 certified.

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Components within your cabinet will need to perform well within standard operating temperature ranges of -10 to 60⁰C, and sometimes even wider temperature ranges of -40 to 75⁰C are required. Metal housings with an IP30 or higher rating are best for these industrial applications also. Other standards that are often part of UL508A rated projects include higher EMI and EMC ratings of EN61000-4 and higher vibration and mechanical durability specs required by IEC60068-2.

Space is limited inside industrial control cabinets. The size and layout of each component has an impact on the size of cabinet required and how easy the application is to maintain. Finding industrial caliber switches that are compact and well designed is crucial to an effective installation, and Henrich switches are some of the smallest switches on the market.

Having the ability to choose switch versions with or without DIN rail mounting also impacts the cabinet design. Power requirements should also be considered for compatibility with other elements of the application. Henrich switches offer input power support for 12 to 36 VDC.

Most industrial control panel applications only need a 5-port switch to network the devices inside the cabinet together, and sometimes an 8-port. In almost all cases, managed switches are not necessary, an unmanaged switch will suffice. Network speeds of 10/100 Mbps with RJ45 ports are also good fits for most UL508A certified applications.

As already mentioned, UL 508 C1D2 certification is crucial. This is a requirement for all components in the cabinet if it is to be certified to UL 508A standards. This standard ensures public safety and provides assurances that the control panel is compliant with national and local electrical codes.

Not all switches are alike. Be sure to specify industrial grade Ethernet switches for your cabinets and other industrial and rugged projects. Industrial Ethernet switches for UL508A cabinets must be UL 508 C1D2 certified. And while not required, always look for the smallest switch possible to save valuable real estate inside the cabinet. You never know when you’ll need it!

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