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Lepton® Breakout Board

250-0587-00 Lepton® Breakout Board for the Thermal Camera Module

FLIR Lepton

This is a Breakout board for the Lepton Thermal Camera Module. This board provides the socket, power supply's, 25Mhz Crystal Oscillator, 100 mill header for use in a breadboard or wiring to any host system such as an ARM based Arduino or a Raspberry Pi.

  • Interface:I²C, SPI
  • Sensor Type:Thermal Imaging, Infrared (IR)
  • Supplied Contents:Board(s)
  • Utilized IC / Part:Lepton® Camera Modules
  • Voltage - Supply:3V ~ 5.5V
Associated Product
FLIR Lepton 500-0643-00
Category: Sensors-Image, Camera