DV164140-1: 868 MHz Transceiver; LoRaMote


* Only the LoRaMote transceiver is being documented in the 'Specifications'

The LoRa® Mote is a demonstration board that showcases the Microchip Low-Power Long Range LoRa® Technology Transceiver Module.

The LoRa® Mote provides access to the module through a convenient USB-to-UART bridge chip and supports connection points to all GPIO-controlled module pins.

The high-speed UART interface and the GPIO ports are available on the module to configure, control and transfer data. The Mote board has an on-board PIC18 supporting USB-to-UART serial bridge, enabling easy serial connection.

Demonstration of the module can be performed by plugging the Mote into a USB port of a PC. The USB port powers the Mote board and enables the user to communicate using the module's ASCII commands.

Development using the module with Microchip's PIC® MCU line is possible via the 24-pin card edge connectors on the Mote board.


Manufacturer Microchip Technology
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category Transceivers - TXRX
Eval Board Part Number DV164140-1-ND
Eval Board Supplier Microchip Technology
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Protocol FSK
Data Rate (Max) 10937 bps (LoRa), 300 kbps (FSK)
Frequency 868 MHz
Range 15 km (Suburban), 5 km (Urban)
Features CPU on-chip
GPIO: 14
GUI / Design Software
Memory Available On-Board
USB Interface
Component Count + Extras 58 + 6
Design Author Microchip
Application / Target Market Factory Automation
RF / Wireless
RF: Home Automation
Main I.C. Base Part RN2483
Date Created By Author 2015-08
Date Added To Library 2017-10

Eval Board

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