Full Color OLED Glass - Intro & Demonstration

This video introduces our new line of color OLED glass, points out the perks for picking an OLED glass display over a display module and demonstrates a few of them in action.

4/15/2019 6:14:14 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
0.6NHD-0.6-6464G0.6" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS203 - ImmediateView Details
0.95NHD-0.95-9664G0.95" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS135 - ImmediateView Details
1.1NHD-1.1-9696G1.1" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS0View Details
1.27NHD-1.27-12896G1.27" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS0View Details
1.45NHD-1.45-160128G1.45" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS265 - ImmediateView Details
1.5NHD-1.5-128128G1.5" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS86 - ImmediateView Details
1.69NHD-1.69-160128G1.69" FULL COLOR OLED GLASS24 - ImmediateView Details