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- Patco Electronics was founded in the fall of 1992, for the purpose of providing the electronics industry with state of the art battery management tools spanning the chemistries employed in secondary batteries. The first product was a battery manager for lead acid batteries designed around the Unitrode 3906 lead acid controller. From there Patco has expanded the lead acid line to include higher current managers for larger batteries, and algorithms for unique construction of lead acid batteries. NiCAD and NiMH managers designed around specialized controllers came next. A third product line addresses the medium prismatic Lithium Ion batteries manufactured by Saft America.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if Patco can help?

Patco’s business is the intelligent application of technology in such a way as to cause a battery to perform at its optimum. If the application is simply throwing charge at a battery, such as a car or boat, then inexpensive chargers available at mass market outlets will suffice. If the battery is used in a consumer application where charge time is not critical, then trickle chargers available through local hardware or electronic outlets will suffice. If the battery must perform nominally under unusual circumstances such as temperature, recharge time, or if storage capacity is marginal, then Patco can be of substantial assistance.

What do I need to know when contacting Patco?

Patco engineers will need to know first the chemistry of the battery in question, and any uniqueness in the battery construction such as Spiral Wound lead acid as differentiated from conventional parallel plate GEL or SLA batteries. Further, the conditions surrounding the application will permit critical analysis of the battery type and characteristics to ensure adequate performance. Finally, information such as capacity in amp hours, ending battery voltage after charge and after discharge will permit the selection of the best charger characteristics for the particular application.

Can Patco supply my battery requirements?

Patco frequently is involved with the selection and supply of batteries. Key characteristics such as buried intelligence in the battery pack, data reported between the battery and its application, as well as the battery and its charger dictate that Patco assist in the design of the battery/charger combination, as well as supplying the finished, tested product for inclusion in the customer’s end product.


Soft Start Mode - Used when the battery has been discharged. This gradually increases the charge current over the first two minutes of the charge process.

Fast Charge Mode - A constant current applied until termination.

Topping Mode - This mode completes the charge process, supplying C/10 for two hours after termination of the Fast Charge Mode.

Maintenance Mode - This mode supplies C/ 40 continuously to counter the self-discharge of the battery.

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