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- Inspired LED, LLC is a leading LED manufacturer offering the best in easy-to-use home, commercial, and specialty lighting. Since their initial pilot sales program launched in 2009, the company has delivered award-winning service by providing customers with safe, reliable, energy-efficient products at an exceptional value. By continuously working to recognize and serve the growing demands of the industry, Inspired LED has quickly emerged as a front runner in LED system design and product development. Inspired LED proudly partners their professional expertise with clients across the country to offer comprehensive lighting solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturing, Research and Development, as well as resale and distribution. With an extensive stock of newly patented and UL listed products manufactured in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Inspired LED’s team of skilled technicians and friendly neighborhood robots are able to customize products to fit almost any form or function. Inspired LED has hardware solutions that stand above the competitors with ease of use and efficient cost.

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24 V Flexible LED Strips

Inspired LED’s 24 V flexible LED strips are the perfect linear LED lighting solution for any project. Learn More

Tiger Paw® Solderless Connectors

Inspired LED’s patented solderless Tiger Paw connectors are the perfect solution for in-field LED system design and customization without the need to directly solder. Learn More

12 V Flexible LED Strips

Inspired LED offers their custom 12 V LED linear lighting solutions for use in a variety of lighting applications. Learn More

Pro Series LED Panels

Inspired LED introduces their pro series LED panels that are a complete plug-and-play LED lighting solution for any application. Learn More

Universal TV Backlight Kits

The frequent and sometimes dramatic variation in picture brightness from your television screen can cause visual fatigue in an otherwise dark room. Inspired LED's universal TV backlight kits provide adequate bias light to reduce eyestrain, making television displays seem crisper and the colors appear more vivid. Learn More

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Motion Sensor

Inspired LED's Motion Sensor is a convenient accessory which easily combines with INspired LED flex strips and panels to create the perfect low-voltage lighting system for any home or business.

Universal TV Backlight Kit

A TV Backlight from Inspired LED can reduce eye strain by providing bias lighting in the form of easy to install adhesive backed LED Light Strip.

TV Backlight Kit with USB Switch | Inspired LED

Inspired LED's TV Backlight kit with a USB switch is a great tool to for reducing eye strain! The flexible strip adheres right to the back of your TV for simple installation.

On/Off In Line Switch for LED Lighting | Inspired LED

This simple to use switch for LED lighting plugs in after the power supply and installs under your kitchen cabinets for easy use.

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