IXYS Integrated Circuits Division

- IXYS Integrated Circuits Division/Littelfuse, formerly Clare, Inc., an IXYS/Littelfuse Company, designs, manufactures, and markets high-voltage integrated circuits (ICs) and optically isolated Solid State Relays (OptoMOS®) for the communication, industrial, power, and consumer markets.

As a pioneer in the development of Solid State Relays (SSRs), they have become a leading supplier to the telecommunications, security, utility metering, and industrial control industries. IXYS Integrated Circuits Division/Littelfuse SSR solutions are rapidly replacing older electromechanical devices in many applications and enhancing overall system performance. They continue to develop leadership products that offer higher levels of integration and electrical performance.

With the acquisition of IXYS, Littelfuse significantly expands their portfolio, with solutions spanning a full range of technologies. This diverse portfolio will provide customers with the best technology and enhanced, differentiated capabilities in target markets and geographies as well as deliver greater industry access and increased growth opportunities.

Related Product brands include: IXYS Corporation, IXYS RF, MicroWave Technology, U.S. Sensor, Zilog, and Littelfuse

Featured Products

Image of IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's IX4426-IX4427-IX4428 Ultra-Fast MOSFET Drivers

IX4426/7/8M Low-Side Gate Drivers

The IX4426/7/8M is the popular IXYS ICD low-cost 4426/7/8 dual low-side gate driver packaged in a small 3x3 DFN package. Learn More

Image of IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's 350 V Dual 1-Form-A Solid-State Relay

350 V Dual 1-Form-A Solid-State Relay

CPC2030 features 120 mA maximum load current and 30 Ohms of maximum on-resistance with 2 mA of input trigger control current. Learn More

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CPC7524 Quad-Channel High-Voltage Isolated Analog Switch Array

The CPC7524 quad high-voltage isolated analog switch array from IXYS provides the switching functionality of four normally open relays in one small package. Learn More

CPC1984Y OptoMOS® 1 Amp 600 V Power SIP Relay

IXYS/Littelfuse's CPC1984Y OptoMOS® single-pole normally open (1 Form A) 600 V solid state power relay has a 1 ADC/1 Arms continuous load current rating. Learn More

High Current MOSFET Solid State Relay CPC1705

IXYS/Littelfuse's high current MOSFET solid state relay (SSR) CPC1705 features low on-resistance and high load current capability suitable for many switching applications. Learn More

CPC1511 1-Form-A Normally Open Solid State Relay

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's CPC1511, a current limiting 1-Form-A normally open Solid State Relay (SSR) that replaces electromechanical devices while enhancing the performance of switching applications. Learn More

IX4340 Dual 5 A Gate Driver IC

The IXYS IX4340 features two high current outputs, both capable of sourcing and sinking up to 5 A. Learn More

CPC2907B, Dual, 60 V, Single-Pole Relay

IXYS/Littelfuse's CPC2907B is a dual, normally open (1-Form-A), solid-state relay that comprises two independent, optically coupled MOSFET switches. Learn More