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Amphenol Information Communication & Commercial

Image of Amphenol ICC's Harsh Environment Product Solutions

Harsh Environment Product Solutions

Amphenol ICC offers a full range of rugged connectors for any environment and a variety of today’s most innovative applications.

Image of Amphenol ICC's Wire/Board-to-Board Connector Solutions

Wire/Board-to-Board Connector Solutions

Amphenol has Wire-to-Board and Board-to-Board connector solutions to fit every design requirement.

Image of Amphenol ICC Power Solutions

Power Solutions

Amphenol ICC offers highly configurable power connectors to aid applications in markets like industry 4.0, hyperscale computing, energy management and more.

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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
RJ Magnetic Modular Jacks
This presentation will provide an overview of the RJ magnetic modular jacks, go over the features and benefits and various aspects of the offering.
5 minutes
Minitek® 2.0 mm Connector Overview
This presentation will introduce the Minitek 2.0 mm connector, for versatile applications. It will also provide a product overview and list the features and benefits for this connector series.
10 minutes
High Speed Interconnects I/O Solutions
The markets, applications, roadmap, performance, features, and benefits of the High Speed I/O interconnect solutions from Amphenol.
10 minutes
Harsh Environment Connector Solutions
Overview of Amphenol’s Harsh Environment Product Roadmap
5 minutes
USB Type-C
USB type C also has an integrated shielding design that improves the signal integrity and EMI shielding performance
10 minutes
Filter D-Sub
EMI filter and filter connector explained, why customers need filtering, and the information needed to select the correct filter D sub by application.
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About Amphenol Information Communication & Commercial

Amphenol ICC, a division of Amphenol, was established through the alignment of Amphenol FCI (AFCI) and Amphenol IT Communications Products (AITC) from January 2017. The new Amphenol ICC division is made up of the following Amphenol groups: Amphenol FCI, Amphenol Commercial Products, Amphenol High Speed Interconnects, Amphenol InterCon Systems, Cables on Demand, and Amphenol TCS. The new division further strengthens the design and manufacturing footprint while deepening relationships with Amphenol customers. Amphenol ICC is a world leader providing interconnect solutions for the information, communications, and commercial electronics markets.