BK-57 AA SMD Battery Contact

MPD's battery clips have twin SMD leads that solder to a PCB for added reliability

Image of MPD Memory Protection Devices BK-57 AA SMD Battery ContactMPD's BK-57 is a surface-mounting AA battery contact. Normally used in pairs, these clips have a great price/performance combination for adding a AA battery to a PCB. The pair of contacts use pressure to connect with one AA battery, and multiples of contacts can make a series or parallel circuit through the PCB for groups of batteries. These contacts make it very easy to insert and remove a AA battery because of the excellent access afforded.

Phosphor bronze is the base metal, which is stronger than brass, with better spring properties. Phos-bronze is well-known for its durability, strength, low coefficient friction, fair electrical conductivity, and low thermal conductivity and is commonly used as non-ferrous spring alloy. Each SMD lead has a solder hole that contributes to the solder wicking up onto the AA battery contact for additional joint strength.

BK-57 AA SMD Battery Contact

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusBattery Type, FunctionStyleAvailable QuantityView Details
BATTERY CONTACT CLIP AA SMD TABBK-57-TRBATTERY CONTACT CLIP AA SMD TABActiveCylindrical, ClipContact Clip1435 - ImmediateView Details

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Published: 2018-07-13