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Solutions for Embedded Systems

Most objects surrounding us need embedded intelligence for communicating easily with us and offering us smart functionality. Think of your coffee machine, dishwasher, a door opener, an ATM, kiosk for subway tickets, just to name few.

If your company designs such a device with embedded intelligence, what you need is:

  • An efficient and easy to design power supply
  • A cost effective, versatile and scalable microcontroller platform

Full system solution:

Infineon is the right partner to make sure you can implement the functions which distinguish your embedded system/product without worrying on designing a complex power supply and/or microcontroller subsystem.

  • Easy-to-use reference solutions and/or building blocks such as power supply, power switches, microcontroller that dramatically cut your time-to-market
  • A Development Platform for XMC™ Microcontrollers called DAVE™

Benefits of Infineon’s solution:

  • Very easy to implement
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Very flexible solutions from low-cost to highest efficiency to highest integration
  • Solutions designed to adapt in the most systems

In particular, for designs that need very high efficiency Infineon also delivers complete solutions that include secondary side Synchronous Rectification which improves efficiency compared to traditional diode-based rectification.

Based on your power and efficiency needs, you can find an optimal ready-to-use solution at Infineon, ranging from lowest cost to highest efficiency to highest integration in the given power class.

CoolMOS™, PWM IC + Diode, XMC100

  • High Flexibility
  • Cost Competitive
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CoolSET™ + Diode + XMC™

  • High Integration
  • Easy to Design
  • Cost Competitive
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CoolMOS™ + PWM IC+ Synchronous
Rectification MOSFET and Controller + XMC™

  • High Efficiency
  • Flexibility
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CoolSET™ + Synchronous Rectification
MOSFET and Controller + XMC

  • High Efficiency
  • High Integration
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800 V CoolSET™

The quasi resonant CoolSET™ QR series continues to deliver design agility and miniaturization. Upon the successful F3 CoolSET™, this new series offers the possibility of higher efficiency and better EMI performance. The digital frequency reduction feature scores a very stable operation with decreasing load change; and the fold-back correction keeps the maximum power limits within tolerance desired by SMPS designers. The active burst mode operation during low power consumption remains a market leader in providing best-in-class power consumption during standby.

The CoolSET™ QR provides the option as a solution for efficiency oriented SMPS industry.

Quasi-resonant CoolSET™ 800 V

85 VAC … 265 VAC
18 W 24 W 37 W 47 W
RDS(on) 4.7 Ω 2.2 Ω 1.0 Ω 0.6 Ω
Package 800 V Depletion CoolMOS™
DIP-7 ICE2QR4780Z ICE2QR2280Z Coming Soon ICE2QR0680Z

Fixed frequency CoolSET™ 800 V

85 VAC … 265 VAC
16 W 22 W 37 W 43 W
RDS(on) 2.2 Ω 1.5 Ω 0.6 Ω  
Package 800 V Depletion CoolMOS™

Evaluation Boards

Part Number Description App-Note
EVAL-3AR4780VJZ 12W SMPS evaluation board using 800V
Fixed Freq CoolSET ICE3AR4780VJZ
EVALQRC-ICE2QR4780Z 12W SMPS evaluation board using 800V
Quasi-resonant CoolSET ICE2QR4780Z
AN- EVAL-2QR4780Z-12W
EVALQRC-ICE2QR2280Z 20W SMPS evaluation board using 800V
Quasi-resonant CoolSET ICE2QR2280Z
AN- EVAL-2QR2280Z-20W
EVAL-3AR2280VJZ 20W SMPS evaluation board using 800V
Fixed Freq CoolSET ICE3AR2280VJZ
EVAL-ICE3AR1080VJZ 34W SMPS evaluation board using 800V
Fixed Freq CoolSET ICE3AR1080VJZ
EVALQRC-ICE2QR0680Z 40W SMPS evaluation board using 800V
Quasi-resonant CoolSET ICE32QR0680Z
AN- EVAL-2QR0680Z-40W
EVALSF3-ICE3BS03LJG 60W SMPS evaluation board using
Fixed Freq Flyback Controller ICE3BS03LJG
EVALQRS-ICE2QS03G 36W SMPS evaluation board using
Quasi-resonant Flyback Controller ICE2QS03G
EVALSF3-ICE3AS03LJG 65W SMPS evaluation board using
Fixed Freq Flyback Controller ICE3AS03LJG


XMC1000 microcontrollers bring together the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core and market proven and differentiating peripherals in a leading-edge 65 nm manufacturing process. XMC is a unique fit for applications such as motor control, power conversion, factory and building automation, renewable energy, transportation, LED lighting, and home appliances. XMC controllers integrate the most advanced peripheral set in the industry, offering highly configurable, largely autonomous and often unique functionality. XMC1000 family is the number one choice to bring traditional 8-bit designs to the next level. Some highlights of the XMC1000 Microcontrollers are special IP blocks for Motor Control (MATH Co-Processor and POSIF interface) as well as for LED lighting (BCCU Timer). Also, the unique supply voltage range 1.8 V-5.5 V allows design flexibility and system-level cost advantage.

A wide ecosystem landscape and a broad range of evaluation boards ensure fast time-to-development, supporting everything from rapid evaluation of specific microcontroller features to development of fully integrated application solutions.

XMC™ 1000 Microcontroller

ARM® Cortex®-M0 Frequency [MHz] Peripherals [MHz] Memory Package
XMC1100T016X0064AB 32 64 Flash 8-64 kB
RAM 16 kB
XMC1201T038F0200AB 32 64 Flash 8-200 kB
RAM 16 kB
XMC1302Q040X0200AB 32 64 Flash 8-200 kB
RAM 16 kB
Coming Soon 32 96 Flash 32-64 kB
RAM 16kB

Evaluation Boards

Part Number Name Description
KIT XMC13 BOOT 001 XMC1300 Boot Kit Evaluation Kit for XMC1100-1300
KIT XMC14 BOOT 001 XMC1400 Boot Kit Evaluation Kit for XMC1400
KIT XMC1X AK MOTOR 001 XMC1000 Motor Control
Application Kit
12V - 24V, 3A max,
3-ph motor included
KIT XMC750WATT MC AK V1 750W Motor Control
Application Kit
110-230 V, Active PFC, 3-ph
KIT XMC44 AE3 001 XMC4400 Motor Control
Application Kit
24Vdc, 7.5A max,3-ph motor included

CoolMOS™ CE Superjunction

The 800 V CoolMOS™ CE is Infineon's high performance device family offering 800 V break-down voltage. Designed according to the revolutionary Superjunction (SJ) principle, it provides all benefits of a fast switching SJ MOSFET while not sacrificing ease-of-use.

With this specific CoolMOS™ CE family, Infineon combines long experience as the leading SJ MOSFET supplier with Best-in-Class innovation.

The low RDS(on) enables low conduction and switching losses. In addition, it makes switching applications more efficient, compact lighter and cooler.

Product RDS(on)
Part Number Package
800 V CoolMOS™ CE
High Voltage MOSFET
1000 IPD80R1K0CEBTMA1 TO-252 (DPAK)
2800 IPU80R2K8CE TO-251 (IPAK)
700 V CoolMOS™ CE
High Voltage MOSFET
2000 Coming Soon TO-251 (IPAK)
1400 Coming Soon
950 Coming Soon
600 IPS70R600CE

Control ICs

State-of-the-art power control ICs for power ranges up to 300 W with innovative protection features for superior safety and reliability in operation. All ICs are high-performance current or voltage mode  controllers for the application in cost sensitive designs, such as color TV, adapters, Set-Top-Boxes for Satellite and Cable services, etc. Latest generation features integrated start-up cell and active burst mode for ultra-low stand-by power consumption.

Product Offering:

Product Part Number Package
Fixed Frequency PWM Controller ICE3AS03LJG DSO-8
Quasi-resonant PWM Controller ICE2QS03G

SR Controller

Increasing demands for higher power density, smaller size, more portability, and more flexible systems spur the SMPS industry to continuously design new generations of AC-DC power supplies. Infineon supports its customers to meet design and performance goals through a wide portfolio of power devices including synchronous rectification ICs.

Product Offering:

Product Part Number
PMIC - PFC (Power Factor Correction)  
Once cycle control PFC IC IR1153STRPBF
Adj. Frequency Once Cycle Control PFC IR1155STRPBF
Boost PFC & SMPS control IC IRS2505LTRPBF
PMIC - Power Supply Controllers, Monitors  
200 V Secondary Side SR Controller Coming Soon
200 V Dual SR Controller IC Coming Soon

Synchronous Rectification MOSFETs

Infineon’s semiconductors are designed to bring more efficiency, power density and cost effectiveness. The recommended N-Channel Power MOSFETs enable innovation and performance in your embedded systems applications.

Product Voltage Class Part Number
OptiMOS™ 5 40 V BSC010N04LS
40 V BSC010N04LSI
40 V BSC014N04LS
40 V BSC014N04LSI
40 V BSC019N04LS
40 V BSC022N04LS
40 V BSC026N04LS
40 V BSC032N04LS
40 V BSZ025N04LS
40 V BSZ028N04LS
40 V BSZ034N04LS
60 V BSC014N06NS
60 V BSC016N06NS
60 V BSC028N06NS
60 V BSC034N06NS
60 V BSC039N06NS
60 V BSC066N06NS
60 V BSC097N06NS
60 V BSZ042N06NS
60 V BSZ068N06NS
60 V BSZ100N06NS
80 V BSC040N08NS5
80 V BSC061N08NS5
80 V BSC072N08NS5
100 V BSC070N10NS5
100 V BSC098N10NS5
100 V BSZ097N10NS5
OptiMOS™ 3 LL 60 V BSZ067N06LS3 G
60 V BSZ100N06LS3 G
100 V BSZ150N10LS3 G
OptiMOS™ 3 100 V BSZ160N10NS3 G
StrongIRFET™ 40 V IRLH5034
60 V IRFH5006
60 V IRFH5206
100 V IRFB4410ZPBF
100 V IRFB4510PBF
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