WE1010NA Soldering Station

Apex Tool Group’s digital 70 W soldering station and iron with toolless tip change solution

Image of Apex Tool's WE1010NA Soldering StationApex Tool Group's WE1010NA soldering station provides 70 W of power which is 40% more compared to the WES/WESD stations. The intuitive navigation allows you to set up the station to function the way you want. The menus include a standby mode, password protection, and automatic temperature set-back to maintain process quality and energy efficiency. The WEP70 soldering iron has a toolless tip changing solution to change out a hot tip. It uses the high quality and affordable Weller ET tips. The heat-resistant silicon cable is also ESD safe.

  • 70 W power station
  • 70 W soldering iron
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Toolless tip change
  • ESD safe
  • Standby mode
  • Temperature stability
  • PCBs
  • Electronic kits
  • Education
  • Radio-controlled
  • Indoor lighting
  • Low-voltage wiring
  • Cable assembling

Soldering Iron

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusTip TemperatureVoltage - InputAvailable QuantityView Details
SOLDERING IRON 70W 23V FOR WEP70T0058770715SOLDERING IRON 70W 23V FOR WEP70Active--170 - ImmediateView Details


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTip TypeWidthAvailable QuantityView Details
TIP REPLACEMENT SCREWDR .062ETATIP REPLACEMENT SCREWDR .062"Soldering0.062" (1.57mm)3022 - ImmediateView Details
TIP SINGLE FLAT 1/16ETAATIP SINGLE FLAT 1/16Soldering0.062" (1.57mm)476 - ImmediateView Details
TIP SCREWDRIVER 1/16ETABTIP SCREWDRIVER 1/16" BULKSoldering0.062" (1.57mm)137 - ImmediateView Details
TIP REPLACEMENT SCREWDR .093ETBTIP REPLACEMENT SCREWDR .093"Soldering0.094" (2.40mm)1616 - ImmediateView Details
TIP SCREWDR .125ETCTIP SCREWDR .125"Soldering0.125" (3.18mm)3049 - ImmediateView Details
Published: 2018-04-16