Junction/Hook-Up Boxes

American Electrical's Junction/Hook-Up boxes are available in multiple sizes rated for indoor and/or outdoor use

Image of American Electrical's Junction / Hook-Up BoxesAmerican Electrical, Inc.'s Junction / Hook-up Boxes are an easy solution for securely connecting wires in any small electrical or electronic application.

The four different boxes are each rated for indoor and/or outdoor usage and contain 5, 10, 15 (35 A/ckt) or 20 terminals (26 A/ckt). The labeled feed through terminals inside the boxes are top entry, spring loaded connections that allow users to simply insert a screwdriver in one side to open the clamp, insert the wire and remove the screwdriver to make a secure connection. The box lid utilizes a spring loaded half turn application making it easy to open or secure the cover (IP-65).

The boxes have four external mounting holes if the application warrants a permanent location. Two M20 cable grips and locknuts are shipped with the boxes to fit the cables into and out of the boxes as needed.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy top entry screw-less wiring
  • Captive half turn, spring loaded, cover screws for fast and easy access
  • IP 65 rated, Polycarbonate (-40°C to 80°C) indoor / outdoor enclosure with gasket
  • Included: 2 sets of M20 cable grips (IP68) and locknuts to seal enclosure (3 mm to 7 mm cable diameter)


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 3.23JB - FT5JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 3.23"LX3.15"W7 - ImmediateView Details
JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 4.72JB - FT10JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 4.72"LX3.15"W6 - ImmediateView Details
JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 6.3JB - FT15JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 6.3"LX3.15"W3 - ImmediateView Details
JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 6.3JB - FT20JUNCTION BOX PLSTC 6.3"LX3.15"W4 - ImmediateView Details


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
Published: 2012-08-10