Alpha Essentials Multi-Conductor Cable

Alpha Wire's versatile Alpha Essential series meets your communication and control requirements

Image of Alpha Wire's Manhattan Multi-Conductor CableAlpha Wire’s line-up of Alpha Essentials communication and control cables gives the user maximum choice and fewer trade-offs. By offering a collection of PVC jacketing materials, shielding options, and conductor counts, the user can easily select the cable that meets their most demanding needs. All cables are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to give them performance beyond a generic cable. Alpha Wire’s Alpha Essentials cables are built to perform reliably electrically, mechanically, and environmentally each and every time.

  • 300 V unshielded / shielding options
  • SR-PVC / PVC, PVC jacketing
  • Slate PVC jacket
  • Stranded tinned copper conductors
  • UL rated
  • Audio systems: speakers, microphones, intercoms
  • Broadcast and studio
  • Data transmission: RS-232, 422, 485
  • CAD / CAM
  • Computer peripherals
  • Business machines
  • Security systems: alarms, cameras, sensors
  • Control systems
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Banking systems
Published: 2017-03-06