Alpha Essentials Multi-Conductor Cable

Alpha Wire's versatile Alpha Essential series meets your communication and control requirements

Image of Alpha Wire's Manhattan Multi-Conductor CableAlpha Wire’s line-up of Alpha Essentials communication and control cables gives the user maximum choice and fewer trade-offs. By offering a collection of PVC jacketing materials, shielding options, and conductor counts, the user can easily select the cable that meets their most demanding needs. All cables are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to give them performance beyond a generic cable. Alpha Wire’s Alpha Essentials cables are built to perform reliably electrically, mechanically, and environmentally each and every time.

  • 300 V unshielded / shielding options
  • SR-PVC / PVC, PVC jacketing
  • Slate PVC jacket
  • Stranded tinned copper conductors
  • UL rated
  • Audio systems: speakers, microphones, intercoms
  • Broadcast and studio
  • Data transmission: RS-232, 422, 485
  • CAD / CAM
  • Computer peripherals
  • Business machines
  • Security systems: alarms, cameras, sensors
  • Control systems
  • Instrumentation systems
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Banking systems

Alpha Essentials Unshielded Cable

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ConductorsAvailable QuantityView Details
M13302 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 22AWG SLATE 100'M13302 SL005CABLE 2COND 22AWG SLATE 100'254 - Immediate
M13302 SL005 product page link
M13303 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 3COND 22AWG SLATE 100'M13303 SL005CABLE 3COND 22AWG SLATE 100'371 - Immediate
M13303 SL005 product page link
M33502 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 18AWG SLATE 100'M33502 SL005CABLE 2COND 18AWG SLATE 100'239 - Immediate
6 - Factory Stock
M33502 SL005 product page link
M13405 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 5COND 20AWG SLATE 100'M13405 SL005CABLE 5COND 20AWG SLATE 100'57 - Immediate
M13405 SL005 product page link
M13582 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 14AWG SLATE 100'M13582 SL005CABLE 2COND 14AWG SLATE 100'218 - Immediate
32 - Factory Stock
M13582 SL005 product page link
M13330 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 30COND 22AWG SLATE 100'M13330 SL005CABLE 30COND 22AWG SLATE 100'3013 - Immediate
M13330 SL005 product page link
M33404 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 20AWG SLATE 100'M33404 SL005CABLE 4COND 20AWG SLATE 100'417 - Immediate
2 - Factory Stock
M33404 SL005 product page link
M33506 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 6COND 18AWG SLATE 100'M33506 SL005CABLE 6COND 18AWG SLATE 100'617 - Immediate
M33506 SL005 product page link
M13509 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 9COND 18AWG SLATE 100'M13509 SL005CABLE 9COND 18AWG SLATE 100'917 - Immediate
19 - Factory Stock
M13509 SL005 product page link

Alpha Essentials Foil Shielded Cable

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ConductorsAvailable QuantityView Details
M13190 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M13190 SL005CABLE 2COND 24AWG SHLD 100'2 (1 Pair Twisted)24 - Immediate
M13190 SL005 product page link
M13192 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 6COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M13192 SL005MULTI-PAIR 6COND 24AWG SHLD 100'6 (3 Pair Twisted)17 - Immediate
M13192 SL005 product page link
M13194 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 10COND 24AWG 100'M13194 SL005MULTI-PAIR 10COND 24AWG 100'10 (5 Pair Twisted)28 - Immediate
4 - Factory Stock
M13194 SL005 product page link
M13195 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 12COND 24AWG 100'M13195 SL005MULTI-PAIR 12COND 24AWG 100'12 (6 Pair Twisted)18 - Immediate
1 - Factory Stock
M13195 SL005 product page link
M13106 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 12COND 22AWG 100'M13106 SL005MULTI-PAIR 12COND 22AWG 100'12 (6 Pair Twisted)11 - Immediate
M13106 SL005 product page link
M13191 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M13191 SL005MULTI-PAIR 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100'4 (2 Pair Twisted)13 - Immediate
M13191 SL005 product page link
M3232 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 20AWG SHLD 100'M3232 SL005CABLE 2COND 20AWG SHLD 100'234 - Immediate
M3232 SL005 product page link
M13242 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 18AWG SHLD 100'M13242 SL005CABLE 2COND 18AWG SHLD 100'219 - Immediate
15 - Factory Stock
M13242 SL005 product page link
M13232 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 2COND 20AWG SHLD 100'M13232 SL005CABLE 2COND 20AWG SHLD 100'211 - Immediate
15 - Factory Stock
M13232 SL005 product page link
M3244 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 18AWG SHLD 100'M3244 SL005CABLE 4COND 18AWG SHLD 100'420 - Immediate
M3244 SL005 product page link
M13193 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 8COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M13193 SL005MULTI-PAIR 8COND 24AWG SHLD 100'8 (4 Pair Twisted)24 - Immediate
M13193 SL005 product page link
M13244 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 18AWG SHLD 100'M13244 SL005CABLE 4COND 18AWG SHLD 100'46 - Immediate
12 - Factory Stock
M13244 SL005 product page link
M13201 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 50COND 24AWG 100'M13201 SL005MULTI-PAIR 50COND 24AWG 100'50 (25 Pair Twisted)3 - Immediate
M13201 SL005 product page link
M13146 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 12COND 20AWG 100'M13146 SL005MULTI-PAIR 12COND 20AWG 100'12 (6 Pair Twisted)1 - Immediate
M13146 SL005 product page link

Alpha Essentials Foil / Braid Shielded Cable

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of ConductorsAvailable QuantityView Details
M2405 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 5COND 28AWG SHLD 100'M2405 SL005CABLE 5COND 28AWG SHLD 100'522 - Immediate
M2405 SL005 product page link
M2406 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 6COND 28AWG SHLD 100'M2406 SL005CABLE 6COND 28AWG SHLD 100'69 - Immediate
M2406 SL005 product page link
M2408 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 8COND 28AWG SHLD 100'M2408 SL005CABLE 8COND 28AWG SHLD 100'87 - Immediate
M2408 SL005 product page link
M2480 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 10COND 22AWG SHLD 100'M2480 SL005CABLE 10COND 22AWG SHLD 100'1010 - Immediate
1 - Factory Stock
M2480 SL005 product page link
M2439 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M2439 SL005CABLE 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100'440 - Immediate
M2439 SL005 product page link
M3420 SL005 datasheet linkMULTI-PAIR 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M3420 SL005MULTI-PAIR 4COND 24AWG SHLD 100'4 (2 Pair Twisted)10 - Immediate
M3420 SL005 product page link
M2404 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 4COND 28AWG SHLD 100'M2404 SL005CABLE 4COND 28AWG SHLD 100'410 - Immediate
M2404 SL005 product page link
M2447 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 24AWG SLATE 100'M2447 SL005CABLE 24AWG SLATE 100'153 - Immediate
M2447 SL005 product page link
M2449 SL005 datasheet linkCABLE 25COND 24AWG SHLD 100'M2449 SL005CABLE 25COND 24AWG SHLD 100'258 - Immediate
M2449 SL005 product page link
Published: 2017-03-06