When Is 99 Greater Than 9000

What kind of trick question is this? How can 99 ever be greater than 9000? Mathematically that is impossible. Well let me tell you, 99 is greater than 9000 when it comes to Analog Devices’ Active Learning Module, the ADALM2000. The ADALM2000 is a pocket-sized electronics tool platform that, when paired with a laptop or desktop computer, becomes a two-channel USB digital oscilloscope, two-channel function generator, 16-channel digital logic analyzer, 16-channel pattern generator, 16-channel virtual digital I/O, voltmeter, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and digital bus analyzer, and it even includes two programmable power supplies. That is a lot of capability in a very small device.

Analog Device's ADALM2000

The ADALM2000 was specifically designed for students, teachers, and individuals who want to learn more about electronic theories and principles. When paired up with the components parts kit, the ADALP2000, you have a complete electronics lab perfect for learning, exploring, and having fun with electronics.

Let’s look more closely at this portable electronics lab. Here are the features for the ADALM2000 in more detail.

  • Two channel USB digital oscilloscope
  • Two channel function generator
  • 16 channel digital logic analyzer (3.3 V CMOS and 1.8 V or 5 V)
  • 16 channel pattern generator (3.3 V CMOS)
  • 16 channel virtual digital I/O
  • Single channel Voltmeter (AC, DC, ±20 V)
  • Network Analyzer (Nyquist, Bode)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (SFDR, SNR, THD)
  • Digital Bus Analyzer (Parallel, UART, SPI, I²C)
  • Two programmable power supplies (0 to ±5 V)

The ADALM2000 is powered by USB via connection to a laptop and uses Scopy application software. Simply put, Scopy is a software platform that allows a user to do multiple electronic testing functions. Scopy is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. The software is powerful and can perform tasks or operations such as Digital I/O, Oscilloscope, Voltmeter, Power Supply, Signal Generator, Pattern Generator as well as Logic and Network Analyzer tasks. Analog Devices has a great Wiki site dedicated to Scopy, as well as a great “Virtual Classroom” program on their EngineerZone. The site has projects, a help section, blogs, and other useful tools for the ADALM2000 and other modules from Analog Devices.

The ADALM2000 with Scopy, paired with a computer and the ADALP2000, is a complete electronics lab. With Scopy software, the user has an impressive number of electronic testing options at their fingertips. This handheld tool is very impressive with its capabilities and ideal for students, teachers, and individuals.

When is 99 greater than 9000? The ADALM2000 is now available for $99. I did a quick look at what is on Digi-Key’s website for the equivalent (function, features, and specifications) tools if purchased separately. To purchase the equivalent components separately, it would cost you over $9000. In this instance, 99 is indeed greater than 9000.

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