Top 10 Reasons to Stop Everything You're Doing and Buy Molex RJ45 Connectors from Digi-Key

I know what you’re thinking – not another one of these RJ45 connector blogs… Every time I turn around someone is trying to pitch an RJ45 connector. Why should I listen to this? I already have a source for my RJ45s, and these things are all the same, right? Wrong!

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Here are the top 10 reasons to stop everything you’re doing right now and buy Molex RJ45 connectors from Digi-Key.

  • 1.) Molex and Digi-Key have a strong relationship that we’ve been building for years, and we’re committed to a customer focus to ensure the best experience possible. It’s time to ditch ‘Bob’s House of Connectors’ and the lackluster customer experience. Your product designs deserve the best in quality and customer support. Together with Molex and Digi-Key, we can make this happen.
  • 2.) Molex RJ45 connectors offer a wide breadth of product options to suit all your needs. From standard Non-magnetic Modular Jacks to PoE enabled ICMs with LEDs, we have what you’re looking for.
  • 3.) Molex is committed to the long-term development & support of RJ45s. We recently invested into our RJ45 product families to remain competitive and we intend to continue investment to support our customers with new products and innovations.
  • 4.) Molex connectors are built to the highest level of quality. Are those terminal pins falling out after a reflow solder process? Believe it or not, I’ve seen this happen with lower quality products. What’s the solution? Molex RJ45s to the rescue! Don’t settle for lower quality products ever again.
  • 5.) With the rapid progression of IoT, one of the least expensive ways to connect and power a device is through a Molex Modular Jack. Molex offers a wide variety of Modular Jacks for various speeds and our connectors support current PoE standards with the right supporting hardware.
  • 6.) There are numerous technologies and solutions being designed that will utilize Molex RJ45s. Case in point, Molex designed a PoE lighting solution that will utilize our PDJack (Powered Device) design. Our PDJack series can be found for sale on Digi-Key’s website and new PDJack products are coming soon!
  • 7.) Molex offers a wider range of legacy products than the competition. Sometimes you don’t need the newest connector design and you just need to continue support for a legacy system. In this case, Molex has your back. Check out our selection of RJ11 Modjack products on the Digi-Key website.
  • 8.) Molex offers more than just RJ45 connectors, we also offer RJ45 plugs and RJ45 cable assemblies, because what’s the point of a connector if you can’t connect it to your network? We offer a range of plugs and cables to support Cat 5e and Cat 6 applications.
  • 9.) Molex offers a selection of single port Magnetic RJ45s to serve almost any need. Our single port Magjacks go under the MXMag brand, and we can support anything from 10/100 speeds in a short body design up to 1.0 Gbps in a long body design with LEDs and PoE. Our single port products also offer innovative features like PSE (Power Supply Equipment) and PD (Powered Device). New speeds and power levels are currently in development, so look for 90 W and 5.0 Gbps capable parts in the near future!
  • 10.) No Magjack product family is complete without the obligatory multi-port ICM design (it’s part of a well-balanced diet). Our stacked multi-port ICMs cover the broad range of speeds, power requirements, and PHY chips that our customers use today. What can you do with a multi-port ICM? The better question is ‘what can’t you do?’ Family gatherings, barbeques, days at the beach… an ICM is not going to help you at these events. However, if you need to design a robust switch to route internet traffic at competitive speeds, a multi-port ICM is going to be the center point of your design.

In a continuously evolving world, Molex provides the foundation for the future together with Digi-Key. Check out the Digi-Key website today!

Are you still reading this? Why are you still here? Go buy Molex RJ45s at Digi-Key!

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