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Living for 17 years on river front property, there was always that “heightened awareness” every spring when the ice would thaw and break apart on the river. Luckily for us we never have had any bad experiences. Did you know that floods are the second-most widespread natural disaster on Earth, after wildfires? All 50 of the United States are vulnerable to flooding – Wow! Source:

So when it comes to festival organizers, contractors (industrial and commercial), and natural disasters (running air movers, dehumidifiers, and drying equipment), Molex’s Super-Safeway Power Distribution Box holds up on the toughest jobs, and is designed to survive significant handling, transportation, and extreme weather conditions. Most of the products in the industry are temporary and disposable, but the Molex Super-Safeway Portable Power System is made with vulcanized rubber and therefore provides fantastic durability, safety protection, and weather resistivity. The 100% rubber construction of the boxes makes them resistant to shock, impact, and corrosion. In addition, these boxes are lighter in weight (only 29 lbs.), making them easy to transport. Rubber Super-Safeway Outlet Boxes yield better performance against abrasion, chemical exposure, and temperature extremes compared to standard, painted steel power boxes.

Power Management is necessary when working with many diverse loads. This product comes with a circuit-breaker identification and the straight/blade models have color-coded receptacles. This helps users to balance their AC current loads “equally” between phases, thus reducing the risks of a power outage. Seven circuit-breakers are hidden under the mounting plate on the top. Below are some technical specifications for the Molex PN 1301380126 (Digi-Key PN: WM17836-ND), part of the Super-Safeway 3000 Series 1:


  • 14.25” L x 14.25” W x 17.5” H


  • Qty(1) 50 A, California Style Locking Inlet, Single Phase (H,H,N,G), 3 Pole, 4 Wire, 125/250 VAC


  • Qty(6) NEMA Straight Blade, 20 A, 5-20, Single Phase (H,N,G), 2 Pole, 3 Wire, 125 VAC Duplex receptacles, Panel Mount GFCI Open-Neutral Protected, Weather-Resistant Type
  • Qty(1) NEMA L6-30, 30A, Single Phase (H,H,G), 2 Pole, 3 Wire, 250 VAC Locking receptacle, Panel Mount

(Source for all images: Molex)

Datasheet: Super-Safeway Power Distribution Box

Product Highlight: Super-Safeway Portable Power Distribution System

Power systems need to be reliable and safe. The Portable Power system from Molex is cULus Listed –that is, UL-certified for the US and Canada, and NEC- and OSHA-recognized.

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