Banner Engineering’s Occupancy Monitoring Kit

COVID-19 has flipped the entire world on its head. The world we knew has completely changed. Terms like Social Distancing, Contact Tracing, and Self Isolation have suddenly become everyday terms in our vocabulary. In order to regain some semblance of our old lives we must take a long, hard look at the way we go about our daily lives. To do that, there is a need for new solutions. Banner Engineering has risen to meet the challenge for those solutions. Even with businesses opening, we must continue to maintain social distancing. This means the occupancy levels that were once acceptable must be greatly reduced. Businesses now need to monitor the number of customers within their stores. This is no easy task, especially if there are multiple entrances and exits. It currently requires an employee stationed at each door, physically counting each person as they enter or exit the establishment. This is not cost-effective for the employer; that employee could have been redeployed to more productive tasks elsewhere within the business.

Banner Engineering’s occupancy monitoring kit. (Image source: Banner Engineering)

Banner Engineering introduces the Occupancy Solution Kit, a smart, connected IoT solution. This kit works by using a pair of sensors at each entrance and exit to track movement to automatically count people entering or exiting the building. It wirelessly transmits the data to a DXM Controller. The controller displays the count on the Direct SelectTM Operator Interface as a total customer count within the building. Outside the building, a Remote Indicator displays a bright green LED signal to indicate it is OK for customers enter the building or red if they need to wait outside. The entire system is capable of handling up to four entrances per system. The DXM Controller comes pre-programmed for easy plug-and-play setup.

Another key feature of this kit is the ability to send information to Banner’s Cloud Data Services. This provides the customer with the ability to look at historical information such as customer flow, peak times, overall traffic counts, and more. Correlating this with point of sale (POS) data can provide new insights into the business.

Digi-Key is excited to carry this invaluable system for Banner Engineering. We currently offer the system in several configurations to meet the requirements of your business. Each kit is outfitted with a DXM Controller, Power Supply, Sensor Pair, Remote Indicator, an Operator Interface, Brackets, and a 90-day trial with Banner’s Cloud Data Services. The customer also has several configurations to choose from. Whether it is a 1-, 2-, 4-, or even multi-door configuration, Banner has created a solution to help businesses practice social distancing, keeping customers and employees safer.

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