Seiko Instruments Inc.

- Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) was established in 1937 as a key watch manufacturing company for the Seiko Group.  Based on its sophisticated micromechatronics and nanotechnology techniques developed through decades of experience in precision machinery manufacturing and low-power consumption technologies, the company provides micromechatronic products and services including watch and HDD components; semiconductors, FPD and electronic devices; network solutions systems; nanotechnology equipment; scientific instruments; and large-format inkjet printers.

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CPX Capacitors CPX3225A752D

Seiko Instruments' CPX3225A752D is a power source or electric storage for wireless sensor networks, RFID tags, or RF remote control for digital home appliances. Learn More

SEIZAIKEN Silver Oxide Batteries

Seiko Instruments' SEIZAIKEN silver oxide batteries have high reliability, high leak resistance, low self-discharge, and stable voltage, making them an optimal choice for applications where very high reliability is a top priority. Learn More

CPH3225A Chip-Type Electrical Double-Layer Capacitor

CPH3225A is Seiko's thinnest and smallest chip-type electric double-layer capacitor. The unique ceramic packaging with superior air-tightness is used. Learn More