AS3900-DB: 27MHz FSK Transceiver


The AS3900 demo kit is a complete and instant “network in a box” system, allowing users to easily evaluate the functionality of the AS3900 low power star network 27MHz FSK transceiver. The kit is supplied with 2 demoboards (any of which can be configured as a master or a client), and an intuitive software GUI. No previous experience with network management protocol is required to operate the AS3900 demoboard network, which is a key value inherent to the AS3900 – built in network management protocol.

The AS3900 is a low power FSK transceiver ideal for battery-operated short range devices (SRD) applications in which a limited amount of data (data rate up to 210 kbit/s) need to be transferred. The device can be configured as transceiver, transmitter only or receiver only system and operates in one channel in the worldwide ISM band at 27 MHz.

The frequency of the external oscillator determines the operating frequency. Use of 27 MHz is in particular advantageous for communication in close proximity of the human body due to the low absorption of the signal by tissue because of the low specific absorption rate at 27 MHz. The device incorporates a serial digital interface (SDI), which enables bidirectional communication with external system components.


Manufacturer ams
Category Wireless Communication
Sub-Category Transceivers - TXRX
Eval Board Part Number AS3900DEMOBOARD-ND
Eval Board Supplier ams
Eval Board -
Protocol FSK
Data Rate 212 kbps
Frequency 27.12 MHz
Range 2.5 m @ 10 dBm
Features RTC - Real Time Clock
Shutdown, Enable, Standby
Component Count + Extras 58 + 18
Design Author AMS
Application / Target Market Networking
Remote Controls
RF / Wireless
Main I.C. Base Part AS3900

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