MAXREFDES72#: PMOD Adaptor for Arduino


This Quick Start Guide explains how to configure the MAXREFDES72# to map functions from Arduino headers to a Pmod connector. The MAXREFDES72# is capable of arbitrary pin mapping with a few restrictions. In general, the board is configured by writing to the MAX14661 multiplexer over the I2C bus.

As the Figure 2 shows, 8 Arduino digital GPIO are connected to the Pmod connector through level shifters and each of these 8 signals are also connected to the multiplexer. The 8 digital signals were chosen so that the Arduino Uno R3 SPI signals are connected for the Pmod Type 2 and to avoid the I2C and UART signals at the Arduino headers.

For Type 1 (GPIO) and Type 2 (SPI), no configuration is necessary. To implement Type 3, Type 4, I2C, or other custom pin mappings that need access to I2C, UART, or other real time functions such as PWM, configure the multiplexer to route the signals to the appropriate pins.


Category Wired Communication
Sub-Category Interface Solutions
Eval Board Normally In Stock
Purpose PMOD Adapter for Arduino
Component Count + Extras 21 + 7
Features Arduino Compatible
ESD Protection
I²C Interface
Short Circuit Protection
SPI Interface
Data Rate (Max) 20 Mbps
Design Author Maxim Integrated Products
Main I.C. Base Part DS3231M
Date Created By Author 2014-07
Date Added To Library 2015-10