GPB556A05BR Drawing Datasheet by CW Industries

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IT MAY NOT BE DISCLOSED TO ANYONE, _ 400nm 32VAC Rating 125nm 125VAC 100mA 5ovnc Mounting Hole Circuit Diagram Contact Reslstance 50m ohm Max Insulation Resistance DC 500V 100M ohm Min. Dielectric Strength AC lOOOV 1minute Operation Temperature —25'C~B5'C Functlon 2P SPST OFF-(0N) Thickness:1.5~4.0mm ( )= Momentary Functlon RoHS Compliant $175102 fl _, 05:01 L 5.5103 M12X1.0 MATER IAL: Frame: BIack, Nylon 66(94—v2) Actuator: Red, Nylon 66(94—v2) Bose: Black, PBT(94—VO) Terminals: Gold plated, Copper Waterproof: IP67 OTHER THAN CW INDUSTRIES PERSONNEL, WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM CW INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED. SOUTHAMPTON. PENNSYLVANIA LISA. THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY T0 CW INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED AND ITS AFFILIATES. e INDUSTRIES Sam-mm, Pn.18m Tel DaleDrawn: 12/01/09 Remo um: mm gSfCKBd GG Title: cw PIN: PUSH BUTTON SWITCH GPBSSSAOSBR

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