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Operating Instructions
In d u s t r I a l FI b e r Op t I c s
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Congratulations on your purchase of Industrial Fiber Optics’ POF Cutter Block. This
instruction sheet contains all the information you need to operate this device safely and
knowledgeably, even if you are new to fiber optics and fiber termination procedures. Please
read carefully before operating.
As soon as you receive this fiber cutter, inspect it and its shipping container. Besides this
instruction sheet, the cutter product consists of:
Fiber cutter body with installed razor blade
2-56 x ½ inch screw for blade retention
#2 wave washer
4 Extra KEEN single-edge razor blades
If parts are missing please contact us immediately for replacement. If the cutter has been
damaged during shipping, immediately notify the shipping carrier.
Industrial Fiber Optics makes every effort to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, highest
quality, and dependability in its products. We constantly explore new ideas and products to
best serve the rapidly expanding needs of industry and education. We encourage comments
that you may have about our products, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss new
ideas that may better serve your needs.
Thank you for selecting this Industrial Fiber Optics product. We hope it meets your
expectations and provides many hours of productive activity.
General Information
The POF Cutter Block has been designed
exclusively for cutting plastic optical fiber. Do not
attempt to cut glass fiber.
Upon inspection of the fiber cutter you will find
seven holes or apertures as shown in Figure 1.
The apertures are precisely drilled holes for
optimal cutting of the most commonly used
plastic optical fibers. See Table 1 to determine
the proper aperture for the fiber you wish to cut. If you do not find the fiber listed, please
refer to the aperture sizes in Table 2. Choose the closest aperture size that exceeds the
overall diameter of the fiber.
To eliminate a step when working with jacketed duplex fiber, the cutter splits the jacket at
the midpoint when it is pushed into the cutter. To split a 1000 μm core jacketed fiber, insert
the fiber into apertures 4a and 4b when following the instructions in the next section.
Splitting and cutting the fiber this way ensures that both fiber ends are the same length for
a professional and easy-to-use termination.
Figure 1. Front view of the fiber cutter
with the fiber apertures numbered.
12 34a4b 56
– 3 –
Table 1. Recommended apertures for various fibers.
Fiber Type Aperture
750 μm core, 2.2 mm jacketed simplex 4a or 4b
1000 μm core, 2.2 mm jacketed simplex 4a or 4b
750 μm core, jacketed duplex 4a and 4b
1000 μm core, jacketed duplex 4a and 4b
750 μm core bare fiber 1
1.5 mm core, jacketed simplex 3
1000 μm core bare fiber 5
1.5 mm core bare fiber 5
2.0 mm bare fiber 2
3.0 mm bare fiber 3
16-fiber 265 μm core, light bundle 4a or 4b
24-fiber 265 μm core, light bundle 3
32-fiber 265 μm core, light bundle 3
64-fiber 265 μm core light bundle 6
Fiber Cutting Procedure
To cut fiber with this cutter please complete the following steps:
Select the correct aperture for the fiber being cut.
Pull up the razor blade.
Push fiber into the selected aperture until it extends 2 mm beyond
the razor blade.
Press down on the top of the razor blade until the fiber is cut through.
Pull up the razor blade and remove fiber.
Replacement Blades
The replacement blades for this cutter are the same
physical size as single-edge razor blades available at
most hardware stores. We recommend “Extra KEEN”
single-edge blades because they produce superior
terminations when cutting most fiber except the 3.0
mm core bare type. Our part number for the Extra
KEEN blade in packages of 100 is IF-FC1-RP1. For
the 3.0 mm bare fiber, we recommend standard-edge
blades. The replacement package of 100 standard
blades is our part number IF-FC1-RP2.
Standard edge blades last longer when cutting all fiber diameter, but do not produce as
smooth and defect-free fiber cuts.
Size (in) Size (mm)
1 .035 .88
2 .086 2.184
3 .125 3.175
4a .0935 2.375
4b .0935 2.375
5 .0635 1.613
6 .136 3.459
Table 2. Hole diametersfor
individual apertures.
Blade Replacement Procedure
To replace the fiber cutter blade complete the following steps:
Using a size 1 Phillips screwdriver remove the 2-56 screw.
Adjacent to the razor blade is a #2 wave washer. Remove the washer and dull
razor blade from the cutter body.
Dispose of the razor blade carefully.
Place a new single-edge razor blade and wave washer into the slot.
Align blade, wave washer and screw holes and then re-insert the 2-56 screw.
Tighten the 2-56 screw so a slight amount of friction is placed on the razor blade.
For longer blade life, rotate a worn blade 180 degrees and re-install. This places a new
portion of the blade into use in relationship to a particular aperture.
Industrial Fiber Optics products are warranted against defects in materials and
workmanship for 90 days. The warranty will be voided if internal or external components
have been damaged, mishandled, or altered by the buyer.
Warranty liability is limited to repair or replacement of any defective unit at the company’s
facilities, and does not include attendant or consequential damages. Repair or replacement
can be made only after failure analysis at the factory. Authorized warranty repairs are made
at no charge, and are guaranteed for the balance of the original warranty.
Industrial Fiber Optics will pay the return freight and insurance charges for warranty repair
within the continental United States, by United Parcel Service or Parcel Post. Any other
delivery means must be paid for by the customer. The costs of return shipments for a fiber
cutter no longer under warranty must be paid by the customer. If an item is not under
warranty, repairs will not be undertaken until the cost of such repairs has been prepaid by
the customer.
When returning items for analysis and possible repair, please do the following:
In a letter, describe the problem, name of the person whom we should contact,
phone number and return address.
Pack the fiber cutter, instruction sheet and your letter carefully in a strong box
with adequate packing material to prevent damage in shipment.
Ship the package to:
In d u s t r I a l FI b e r Op t I c s
1725 We s t 1s t st r e e t
te m p e , AZ 85281-7622
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