CL05B105KQ5NQNC Spec Datasheet by Samsung Electro-Mechanics

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SAMSUNG 323333” ELECTRO-MEEHANICS I g, ,1 e 'n/‘uu'lx O r- 8 m: u. I}: ID IUI IZ ID I: In
Supplier : Samsung electro-mechanics Samsung P/N: CL05B105KQ5NQNC
Product : Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor Description : CAP, 1, 6.3V, ±10%, X7R, 0402
CL 05 B105 K Q 5 N Q N C
③ ④ ⑤⑦⑧⑨⑩⑪
Series Samsung Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor
Size 0402 (inch code) L: 1.0 ± 0.1 mm W: ± 0.1 mm
Dielectric Inner electrode
Capacitance 1Termination
Capacitance ±10 % Plating (Pb Free)
tolerance Product Size Control Code
Rated Voltage 6.3 V Special Reserved for future use
Thickness 0.5 ± 0.1 mm Packaging Cardboard Type, 7" reel
Sn 100%
Ni X7R
(Reference sheet)
A. Samsung Part Number
B. Samsung Reliability Test and Judgement condition
Capacitance Within specified tolerance 1±10% 1.0±0.2Vrms
Tan δ (DF) 0.1 max.
Insulation More than 100MohmRated Voltage 60~120 sec.
Appearance No abnormal exterior appearance Visual inspection
Withstanding No dielectric breakdown or of the rated voltage
Voltage mechanical breakdown
Temperature X7R
Characteristics (From -55 to 125, Capacitance change should be within ±15%)
Adhesive Strength No peeling shall be occur on the 500g·F, for 10±1 sec.
of Termination terminal electrode
Bending Strength Capacitance change : within ±12.5% Bending to the limit (1mm)
with 1.0mm/sec.
Solderability More than 75% of terminal surface SnAg3.0Cu0.5 solder
is to be soldered newly 245±5, 3±0.3sec.
(preheating : 80~120 for 10~30sec.)
Resistance to Capacitance change : within ±7.5% Solder pot : 270±5, 10±1sec.
Soldering heat Tan δ, IR : initial spec.
Judgement Test condition
A So, you need to approve the product specificarions before p‘acing an order.
Vibration Test Capacitance change : within ±5% Amplitude : 1.5mm
Tan δ, IR : initial spec. From 10 to 55 (return : 1min.)
2hours × 3 direction (x, y, z)
Moisture Capacitance change : within ±12.5% With rated voltage
Resistance Tan δ : 0.125 max 40±2, 90~95%RH, 500+12/-0hrs
IR : More than 12.5·
High Temperature Capacitance change : within ±12.5% Wit
of the rated voltage
Resistance Tan δ : 0.125 max Max. operating temperature
IR : More than 25·
Temperature Capacitance change : within ±7.5% 1 cycle condition
Cycling Tan δ, IR : initial spec. Min. operating temperature 25
Max. operating temperature 25
5 cycle test
C. Recommended Soldering method :
Reflow ( Reflow Peak Temperature : 260+0/-5, 10sec. Max )
Product specifications included in the specifications are effective as of March 1, 2013.
Please be advised that they are standard product specifications for reference only.
We may change, modify or discontinue the product specifications without notice at any time.
ou need to approve the product specifications before placin
an order.
Judgement Test condition
Should you have any question regarding the product specifications,
please contact our sales personnel or application engineers.

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