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gZE TEX SEMICONDUCTORS TTT LNJ Tape width Quantity 3 (mm) per reel ZXMNZFSDFHTA 7 8 3000 I: Device marking :I KNC Issue 1 - January 2008 1 www.zet © Zeiex Semlcondudors plc 2005
Issue 1 - January 2008 1 www.zetex.com
© Zetex Semiconductors plc 2008
20V SOT23 N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET
This new generation Trench MOSFET from Zetex features low on-
resistance achievable with low (2.5V) gate drive.
Low on-resistance
2.5V gate drive capability
SOT23 package
Buck/Boost DC-DC Converters
Load switching and SMPS
Charging applications in portable equipment
Motor Control
LED Lighting
Ordering information
Device marking
V(BR)DSS RDS(on) ()ID (A)
20 0.045 @ VGS= 4.5V 4.9
0.065 @ VGS= 2.5V 4.1
DEVICE Reel size
Tape width
per reel
ZXMN2F30FHTA 7 8 3000
Top view
Issue 1 - January 2008 2 www.zetex.com
© Zetex Semiconductors plc 2008
Absolute maximum ratings
Thermal resistance
(a) For a device surface mounted on 25mm x 25mm FR4 PCB with high coverage of single sided 1oz copper, in still air
(b) For a device surface mounted on FR4 PCB measured at t 5 sec.
(c) Repetitive rating - 25mm x 25mm FR4 PCB, D=0.02, pulse width 300µs - pulse width limited by maximum junction
(d) Thermal resistance from junction to solder-point (at the end of the drain lead).
Parameter Symbol Limit Unit
Drain source voltage VDSS 20 V
Gate source voltage VGS ±12 V
Continous Drain Current @ VGS=4.5; TA=25°C(b)
@ VGS=4.5; TA=70°C(b)
@ VGS=4.5; TA=25°C(a)
Pulsed drain current(c) IDM 22.6 A
Continuous source current (body diode)(b) IS1.6 A
Pulsed source current (body diode)(c) ISM 22.6 A
Power dissipation at TA =25°C(a)
Linear derating factor
Power dissipation at TA =25°C(b)
Linear derating factor
Operating and storage temperature range Tj, Tstg
-55 to 150
Parameter Symbol Limit Unit
Junction to ambient(a) RJA 131 °C/W
Junction to ambient(b) RJA 89 °C/W
Junction to Lead(d) RJL 68 °C/W
10 Km 5 E m 1 t = U moms .%100m mm: 5 7...:25'0 1ms D 25mm x25mm mans — 10m 101 FR4 mom 1 1a VDS Drain-Source Voltage (V) Safe Operating Area A 120 Tm=25‘c E 25mm x 25mm 0 mg 101 FRA 8 5“ 0:115 : 3 so .9 3 40 M 1 ,1 1 111111 _ D=D 05 m 2" llll lllllll E u Slngle Pulse E 100.: 1m mm 100m 1 10 100 1k Pulse Width (5) Transient Thermal Impedance 1.0 S 0.3 : f—Z 25mmx25mm 8 0'6 1ozFR4 W E a 0.4 5 a 0.2 0 1:1. E 0.0 E u 20 40 so so 100120140160 Temperature (“Cl Derating Curve 100 A SInglePulse S : .9 R 10 '17) E a 5 11 1 x g 100“ 1m 10m100m 1 ID 100 1k Pulse Width (5) Pulse Power Dissipation
Issue 1 - January 2008 3 www.zetex.com
© Zetex Semiconductors plc 2008
Thermal characteristics
Issue 1 - January 2008 4 www.zetex.com
© Zetex Semiconductors plc 2008
Electrical characteristics (at Tamb = 25°C unless otherwise stated)
Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Conditions
Drain-Source Breakdown
V(BR)DSS 20 V ID= 250µA, VGS=0V
Zero Gate Voltage Drain
DS= 20V, VGS=0V
Gate-Body Leakage IGSS 100 nA VGS=±12V, VDS=0V
Gate-Source Threshold
VGS(th) 0.6 0.9 1.5 V ID= 250µA, VDS=VGS
Static Drain-Source
On-State Resistance (*)
(*) Measured under pulsed conditions. Pulse width 300µs; duty cycle 2%.
RDS(on) 0.045
VGS= 4.5V, ID= 2.5A
VGS= 2.5V, ID= 2.0A
gfs 8.6 S VDS= 10V, ID= 3A
Dynamic (†)
(†) For design aid only, not subject to production testing.
Input Capacitance Ciss 452 pF
VDS= 10V, VGS=0V
Output Capacitance Coss 102 pF
Reverse Transfer
Crss 58 pF
Switching (‡)(†)
(‡) Switching characteristics are independent of operating junction temperature.
Tur n-On -Delay Time td(on) 2.9 ns
VDD= 10V, VGS= 4.5V
ID= 1A
RG 6.0
Rise Time tr 5.6 ns
Turn-Off Delay Time td(off) 19.4 ns
Fall Time tf10.2 ns
Total Gate Charge Qg4.8 nC VDS= 10V, VGS= 4.5V
ID= 3.5A
Gate-Source Charge Qgs 1nC
Gate Drain Charge Qgd 1.2 nC
Source-drain diode
Diode Forward Voltage(*) VSD 0.75 1.2 V IS= 1.25A, VGS=0V
Drain Cum! [nun Dmin Cumnl In (A) Gm: Thnshold Volmge v... (v) Fingu - Vus F'sl- Ruse") ' '0 I00 Cannon 5mm 1:21.“ Pike nu mum xv mm Scum.- 0n Remnant Roam!!!) o a s I: m 20 Drum-Source Vulmgc vmm Dnlll-Curmnl 10m Fix-51 In ’ V63 “34- Rnsmn H. (‘1me M Cums-m“ vst 3 V0.4 5v. Ir: M H) mm: g‘g ml’m l 5 m a ‘ i g b E“ 40 a ./ aka”, 3 g 4 5 1E : 5r 3 m 74 2 a: 2" 1 é / o I) j o 0 I Z 3 J 5 JS 4!) 45 I) 1! 50 7} ")0 I15 I50 Culeourte Volmngc VGSW) Imam: Teummurc T,('cl m5. va, Figfi. Is-VSDF s . Comm Vos'vh 1 Iu-uqm - Mwl‘u 5 .5 ’ E 2 5 s . ‘~ \ a x 0 .u .so as u 25 so 75 we as [so a u 0.: L2 m 20 Jumlion Tam-mam": Ti ('0 Soum- Drain Fmd Volug: VsnF(V)
Issue 1 - January 2008 5 www.zetex.com
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Typical characteristics
Culrem a; v _____________________ I 1 l l l 12v 0,2”; 50k 435”» as l \ «TL— pm I w l V6 005 0m) L ________________ J L firE}D u T " Lo] v“ " Vm Chavge —. Basic gate charge waveform .mm 1, . HM L I‘—,I m m- Switching time waveforms L Puiu w‘mm < us="" mm="" mm="" o="" m="" c="" ;.="" switching="" time="" lesl="" circuit="">
Issue 1 - January 2008 6 www.zetex.com
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Test circuits
Issue 1 - January 2008 7 www.zetex.com
© Zetex Semiconductors plc 2008
Package outline - SOT23
Note: Controlling dimensions are in millimeters. Approximate dimensions are provided in inches
Dim. Millimeters Inches Dim. Millimeters Inches
Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min. Max.
A - 1.12 - 0.044 e1 1.90 NOM 0.075 NOM
A1 0.01 0.10 0.0004 0.004 E 2.10 2.64 0.083 0.104
b 0.30 0.50 0.012 0.020 E1 1.20 1.40 0.047 0.055
c 0.085 0.20 0.003 0.008 L 0.25 0.60 0.0098 0.0236
D 2.80 3.04 0.110 0.120 L1 0.45 0.62 0.018 0.024
e 0.95 NOM 0.037 NOM - - - - -
3 leads
Issue 1 - January 2008 8 www.zetex.com
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ESD (Electrostatic discharge)
Semiconductor devices are susceptible to damage by ESD. Suitable precautions should be taken when handling and transporting devices.
The possible damage to devices depends on the circumstances of the handling and transporting, and the nature of the device. The extent
of damage can vary from immediate functional or parametric malfunction to degradation of function or performance in use over time.
Devices suspected of being affected should be replaced.
Green compliance
Zetex Semiconductors is committed to environmental excellence in all aspects of its operations which includes meeting or exceeding reg-
ulatory requirements with respect to the use of hazardous substances. Numerous successful programs have been implemented to reduce
the use of hazardous substances and/or emissions.
All Zetex components are compliant with the RoHS directive, and through this it is supporting its customers in their compliance with
WEEE and ELV directives.
Product status key:
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“Active” Product status recommended for new designs
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Device is still in production to support existing designs and production
“Obsolete” Production has been discontinued
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specifications may occur, at any time and without notice.

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