ANT-8WHIP3H-SMA Datasheet by RF Solutions

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868MHz Antenna +3dBi Whip Features Hinged Whip Antenna Omni Directional Active gain: +3dBi Rubber Whip SOohm Impedance SMA (Male) Dimensions, 210 x 13mm ABS/ Rubber / Housing Weight 22g Applications General Low Power Radio Embedded Applications Range improvement Description A flexible hinged whip Antenna with +3dBi gain for general applications operating at 868MHz applications where high performance is required. Using this antenna will give optimum range and reliability to your application. Ordering Information Length Diameter Connector ANT-8WHIP3H-SMA 210mm 13mm SMA (M) O O c €
ANT-8WHIP3H RF Solutions Ltd. Recycling Notice Meets the foliowmg EC DH’ECUVES DO NOT DiStard Wim hormai waste piease retytie ROHS Directive 2002/95/EC Spedfies certain hmits for hazardous substahtes WEEE Direttive 2002/96/EC Waste eiectritai & eiettromc equipment This product must be disposed of through a litehsed WEEE coHettioh point RF Soiutlohs Ltd ‘ fuifiHs its WEEE obhgations by membership of an approved comphahce Stheme no bt‘habiflichmy was]: KS n ramp, i Menus pi _ um giiabihnrtiuinhghmmoghr‘ cPFSJimmK _o thosubhwurs mmsa numb , Waste Batteries and Accumulators Directive 2006/66/EC Where batteries are fitted, before retydmg the product the batteries must be removed and diSPOSEd of at a htensed coHectxon powht EflW‘Oflmeflt Agenty producer registration number. WEE/JBO’MMWV h expiess m MPH gnttamer mum firm *9 iFSnurnhsUtishahuh,icrdealhmy . ai mum Ailing mm

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