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Digi device servers and terminal servers repldce modems with Ethernet
Feature Spec
About Modem Emulation
Modem emulation allows a user to easily configure a networked
Digi device server or terminal server as a modem. The Digi
product emulates modem responses to a serial device in the field
and seamlessly sends and receives data over an Ethernet
network. Embedded, pre-designed devices can treat the Digi
device like a modem, but allow it to “dial up” an IP address
instead of a phone number. A key benefit is the ability to retain
legacy software applications and devices without reprogramming
devices in the field. Modem emulation also promotes cost
savings by utilizing an IP network instead of a PSTN.
Set-up is easy. First, the serial device in the field, which normally
dials a phone number, is configured to dial the IP address of the
host it needs to contact. Next, the Digi device server or
terminal server is configured for modem emulation using the
setup wizard. Now, the serial device thinks it is talking to a
modem, when in fact the Digi device accepts the call and
converts it into a TCP/IP connection.
Modem emulation can be used to replace the modem at both
ends of the connection or on just one end using IP sockets.
Common serial devices used with modem emulation include
tank gauges, gaming equipment, credit card machines, card
swipe readers, traffic control equipment, vending machines,
Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), and remote controllers.
Digi’s modem emulation technology enables a networked Digi
device server or terminal server to act as a modem to send and
receive data over an IP network instead of a PSTN (Public
Switched Telephone Network). This means that equipment that
was designed only for modem access can now communicate
transparently to its corresponding software application across
the Ethernet.
Configure Digi device server
or terminal server to act
as a modem
Allows modem-based legacy
devices and software to
communicate over TCP/IP
Digi device servers and terminal servers replace modems with Ethernet
Modem Emulation
Application dials a phone number, uses
modems to talk over PSTN
Phone number replaced with IP address of host
Digi device server or terminal server dials up IP
address to communicate over Ethernet
“ATDT 1-211-555-1234”
PortServer® TS
PortServer® TS
IP Network
Save money using IP networking
instead of PSTN
Faster, more cost-effective
data transfer
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Without modem emulation
• DigiOne® SP
• DigiOneIA
• PortServer® TS 8/16
• PortServerTSMEI
• PortServerTSH
• PortServerTSM
• PortServerTSW
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Emulation Feature
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