Sensor Solutions

The goal of the Sensor TechZone is to provide technical resources and further aid in the selection of sensors offered at Digi-Key. Our offering includes acceleration, inclination, navigational, current, environmental, imaging, liquid, positioning, pressure, force, and temperature sensors.

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Analog Devices' CN0549 condition-based monitoring (CbM) machine-learning development platform's vibration sensing provides the correct equipment analysis.
Publish Date: 2021-01-11
Allegro's ACS37800 Hall effect power monitoring sensor with reinforced isolation offers single-phase AC and DC solutions communicating via I²C or SPI.
Publish Date: 2021-01-06
Littelfuse's TMR switch is a magnetically triggered digital switch with high sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption.
Publish Date: 2020-12-23
OSI Optoelectronics’ InGaAs series of IR sensitive detectors allow high sensitivity to weak signals.
Publish Date: 2020-12-16

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Vishay NTC simulation models are the ideal companion of any engineer designing a circuit board for temperature control with most EDAs.
Publish Date: 2021-01-05
InnoSenT's IMD-3000 touchless switch is a contactless alternative for push buttons.
Publish Date: 2021-01-04
Amphenol's FL series temperature sensor contains an NTC chip thermistor enclosed in a flat flexible circuit with a thin-film protective coating, ideal for tight applications.
Publish Date: 2020-11-17
This presentation will discuss the importance of monitoring and maintaining proper environmental conditions in greenhouses and indoor growing facilities, the environmental conditions required to be monitored, and the associated Amphenol Advanced Sensors product options to help monitor and maintain these conditions.
Publish Date: 2020-11-16

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The Vision IoT seminar discusses balancing performance and lower power, requirements for vision IoT, energy efficient image sensors for battery powered applications, and imaging technology enhancements.
Publish Date: 2021-01-14
Do your automotive imaging applications have trouble with LED pulse light flicker in high dynamic range situations? See how you can mitigate this using Hayabusa™ Super-Exposure technology here.
Publish Date: 2021-01-08
Check out how ON Semiconductor and Bosch Sensortec are partnering to create an ultra-low power environmental sensor the BME280, and the BME680 4-in-1 environmental sensor for detecting temperature, pressure, humidity, and air quality.
Publish Date: 2021-01-08
View a short-range depth mapping demonstration here featuring the latest LiDar demonstrator from SensL.
Publish Date: 2021-01-08