- Richtek delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the performance of consumer electronics, computers, and communications equipment. Richtek’s technological innovation and uncompromised quality have led them to become one of the world’s leading analog IC companies.

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RT1025 Integrated AFE Solution

Richtek's RT1025 is an integrated AFE solution for heart-rate monitoring and measurements. It integrates low noise voltage and current sensing channels. Learn More

RT6204 Synchronous Buck Converter

Richtek's RT6204 synchronous buck converters feature a very wide 5.5 V to 60 V input range with an 80 V maximum rating, ideal for virtually any industrial application range. Learn More

RT4813A High Efficiency Boost Converter

Richtek's RT4813A high efficiency boost converter is designed to provide a minimum output voltage from a single-cell Li-Ion battery, even when the battery voltage is below the system minimum. Learn More

RT4805A Synchronous Boost Regulator

Richtek's RT4805A synchronous boost regulator is designed to provide a minimum output voltage from a single-cell Li-Ion battery and is available in the WL-CSP-16B 1.67 x1.67 (BSC) package. Learn More

RT6224D Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Richtek's RT6224D synchronous step-down converter features small output voltage at light load, along with a high-side over-current limit that is ideal for portable TVs, access point routers, and DSL modems applications. Learn More

RT2101B Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Richtek's RT2101B is synchronizable to an external clock with frequency ranging from 700 kHz to 2 MHz and provides protections such as inductor current limit under voltage lockout and thermal shutdown. Learn More

Tools and Support

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Richtek Designer

Richtek has launched a free and easy-to-use single circuit design generator and online simulation tool. Based on your design requirements, this tool will generate a full schematic, transient analysis, AC analysis, efficiency graph, BOM etc. Learn More

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Richtek Designer Online Technical Help

To get the best results from the tool in the shortest amount of time, this document provides some technical background information on the simulation models and calculation methods for various analysis options of the tool. Learn More

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Introducing the Richtek Designer–A powerful online design generator and simulation tool

Overview of Richtek Designer Key Features

Wireless Application: How to Make a Wireless LED Light

The video introduces wireless charging principle and explains the application of Richtek RT1650, a flexible Qi compliant wireless power receiver for power transfer up to 7.5W.

Introduction to Richtek's Advanced Constant On Time Buck Converters

Introducing our new cost-effective, high performance ACOT Buck converters for Set Top Boxes, industrial and commercial low power systems, computer peripherals and LCD Monitors and TVs.

How to Select a Power Management Component for Your Application

Selecting the right component for your power management application can be a challenge. This video will help you to get familiar with different power management components and describes the selection criteria for finding the optimal component.

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