PowerFilm Inc.

- PowerFilm specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of custom solar solutions. A US-based company with over 200 staff-years of technical expertise, PowerFilm delivers innovative remote, portable power solutions to meet client needs. PowerFilm’s proprietary manufacturing provides custom amorphous silicon panels that work in any light environment, including the indoor, industrial lighting of many IoT sensor and applications. Celebrating thirty years in business, PowerFilm is proud to be one of the few US-based solar manufacturing companies operating today.

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LLDev-1 Indoor Solar Development Kit

PowerFilm's LLDEV-1 hardware is currently configured to charge a Li-ion type battery with max voltage of 4.2 V. Learn More

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Partial Shading Test: Amorphous vs Crystalline

In this video, we compared the total power production of a 45W amorphous silicon solar panel and a 50W crystalline silicon solar panel when partially shaded for a substantial portion of the day.

PowerFilm Solar - Custom Solar Solutions

PowerFilm develops portable solar solutions based on your requirements, constraints and goals, delivering the best technology and design for your business needs.

Indoor Solar Development Kit Applications Demo

PowerFilm's Research and Development Engineer, Sam Jones, demonstrates the Low-Light Solar Development Kit and a few of the many different devices it can power including a fan, Bluetooth beacon and door lock.

Manufacturing PowerFilm Solar Panels

Take a look behind the scenes into PowerFilm's innovative production process and learn how turn raw solar film into finished products for companies, the United States military and consumers everywhere.

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